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No description

Sarah Najdowski

on 2 April 2017

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Transcript of Contrast

What IS contrast
Contrast is the idea of guiding the viewers eye to specific places by using opposing themes.
How Can I use Contrast?
One of the most important factors with contrast is
to be bold.
Williams, R. (2015). The Non-Designer's Design Book 4th Edition. San Francisco: Peachpit Press
Contrast can be applied in different ways
Contrasting Fonts
Contrasting Sizes
Contrasting Colors
A Presentation by Sarah Najdowski
Some of the major ones include:
The stronger the contrast, the more likely it will catch the viewers eye!
Use different fonts to help organize your content.
This is especially useful for differencing headlines from the body of the text.
Contrasting Sizes
Larger fonts can help catch the viewers eye and lead them to important points
What Catches
Your Eye the Most?
Is it the large font?
The wanted poster
makes good use of
size contrast by placing
the most important
items in a larger font
compared to the rest
Contrasting Colors
How Many Fonts Do You See?
The combination of industrial, and cursive fonts makes this advertisement more visually appealing than having one font.
Using color can definitely draw the viewers eye to certain spots
For the best contrast try a light color on a dark background or visa versa
Avoid similar colors as they don't give much contrast
Or This?
Which Has Better Color Contrast?
Combine contrast with the other three concepts of design (Proximity, repetition, and alignment) to achieve even greater results!
Combine contrasting font sizes with different fonts to make some eye-catching headers!
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