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Effective usage of Technology in the classroom

iPads in the classroom

Dewald Wolmarans

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Effective usage of Technology in the classroom

IN THE CLASSROOM School's Technological Capacity Planning & Integration Integrating technology into the curriculum is a priority -- if not a mandate in most schools today. Most educational technology experts agree, however, that technology should be integrated, not as a separate subject or as a once-in-a-while project, but as a tool to promote and extend student learning on a daily basis. Planning Successful implementation will require correct planning Use Tools like Mind Meister to
brainstorm ideas Technology is a tool, which can facilitate problem-based learning. Technology is engaging, and students are motivated by such engagement. Students are “digital natives” and live in a world that expects to use technology. Parents and community members want to see students use the latest technology for learning. Such reasons offer support for implementing a one-to-one iPad program, yet for many educators a fundamental question remains: now what? Now that students in my classroom have an iPad, what am I going to do to use the tablets in my teaching? Some educators feel fear, apprehension, frustration, and perhaps even anger, as they hear that their school is one of the programs. How to integrate iPads into your classroom Integration includes two key elements:

Training on how to technologically use an iPad for classroom learning. This includes technological skills training (i.e., how to use an iPad)

and technology integration training (i.e., how to integrate an iPad into classroom learning). The challenge, of course, is in finding ways to use technology -- and to help students use it -- that don't take time away from core subjects. Others are excited about the prospect of what iPads will do for teaching and learning in their classroom. Still others have mixed feelings, possessing some excitement that is paired with a dose of apprehension. Pedagogical Considerations:

Have you discussed how the use of iPads will be integrated into your educational processes?

Is your school encouraging a student centered model of learning or do many of your teachers still use predominantly frontal teaching methods?

Is there a pedagogical vision for the technology deployment?

Have you considered creating a mission statement that guides the deployment and use of technology and demonstrates how it might fit within the school’s overall vision? Professional Development:
Have you allocated sufficient ongoing time for staff professional development? It's vital that that faculty have regular sessions where they can learn and exchange experiences with each other.

Professional development often focuses heavily on "technology training". We need to make sure it also guides teachers towards best educational practices for utilizing technology (student centered, project based etc).

Look into web sites and online networks for teachers to connect, collaborate and learn from other teachers and schools as well. So ... where do we start ??? 1. Create a leadership team

-Include multiple stakeholders on the team, and not just technophiles!
-Include students in the process.
-Consider having subcommittees that address various topics.
-Involve administrators in the leadership team and the entire process. They are key players who will need to support the initiative.
2. Identify the reason why you are going to implement iPads.
This may be the biggest problem I see with iPad initiatives. Converting to iPads should not be your only goal. Identify a change you want to see in your school that iPads can support.
The main goal should align with your school’s mission and vision, and not be something that acts as a stand alone project.
3. Visit other schools
Identify model schools with iPad facilities and send teams to those schools.
Rather than sending a larger group to one school, send smaller groups to multiple schools.
Include educators as well as students, board members, and community members in these visits.
4.Initiate pilot programs
Identify a strong team that can implement a pilot program to become the iPad pioneers in your school.
Provide that small group of educators with additional training resources. Allow them to attend conferences or participate in other workshops.
Study the successes and challenges of those pilot programs.
Use those educators to lead professional development for other staff members.

5. Create and deliver professional development
Professional development sessions need to begin PRIOR to launching your iPad initiative.
Differentiate professional development for educators.
Create the capacity of educators in your school to deliver professional development.
Identify a core set of competencies around using iPads that all teachers should have and help them gain those competencies! It may be helpful to identify a core set of iPad Apps that EVERY educator could use with ease.
Start using iPads in the classroom ! So what are we looking
at financially ? What about choosing applications ? Getting Apple Support Free teacher training videos are available online at : http://training.apple.com/ Other PDF resources are also available for download from the Apple Website. Maintenance : AppleCare+ for iPad

Every iPad comes with one year of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support. AppleCare+ for iPad extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPad and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a $49 service fee.

Because Apple designs the iPad, iOS, and many applications, the iPad is a truly integrated system. And only AppleCare+ provides one-stop service and support from Apple experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call.

Direct access to Apple experts
Mail-in repair: Mail in your iPad using a prepaid shipping box provided by Apple
Carry-in repair: Take your iPad to an Apple Retail Store or other Apple Authorized Service Provider
Technical Support Parents have a very different perspective. Whilst educators wax lyrical about the potential of the iPad for learning, there are concerns from parents about its impact on their child. It is important to have parents get involved and understand the use of iPads in learning at their school.

Organised an event where students get to show parents the opportunities for learning with an Ipad.
Give parents the opportunity to use the iPads themselves to explore the apps displayed as well as other apps that's available. The aim is for parents to enjoy the learning experience and see the huge benefit that iPads have in the classroom. Parent Involvement Staff - Student Collaboration Here's to the future!!! Final Thoughts... As a teacher, I have been inspired by seeing the amazing things that students can do when they are given the space to develop. During my time in the classroom, I tried to make the learning environment an exciting place where children wanted to be. Hopefully when we implement iPads into the class i can look forward to a great response from the learners.

The successes I would love to see when this happens is:
More independent and focused learning
Differentiation is more specific and lower ability children are more confident
Children would feel empowered and take ownership of their learning
Children are motivated to work in school and continue learning at home
Improved behavior in the class due to the higher level of engagement
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