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23 Things Summary

A look at the numbers

Greg Schwartz

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of 23 Things Summary

223 of your colleagues have begun the journey. Thus far, LFPL employees have completed 4,239 Things. 154 have crossed the finish line. But did they learn anything? Survey participants reported an 80% increase in comfort with blogs. Wikis? 75% Photosharing sites? 70% Online reader's tools? 50% RSS? 82% I'd say it was a success. But don't take my word for it. Please be sure to recognize the hard work of the Technology Action Group's 23 Things Subcommittee: Seth Cohen Susan Martinez Jody Hampton "I believe the 23 Things project was definitely time well-spent. I learned a lot and it also brought our staff together as we helped each other, coached each other, laughed together, and learned together." "I definitely learned 200% more through 23 Things than I would have in years on my own." But you want to know who won, don't you? First, a few honorable mentions: And now, the winners... All four of these teams had 100% completion. Amazing! Congratulations to: Fairdale/Business Office Newburg/Administrative Office Portland/Collection Services MIS-II Iroquois = 83% completion
MIS-I = 83%
Crescent Hill = 91% St. Matthews/Westport (the largest team with 23 members) = 92% Oh, by the way, KDLA has a little surprise for you librarians... "After reviewing your program...25 Contact Hours." To date, LFPL's librarians have earned 1,075 continuing education contact hours. Thanks to everyone who explored, played and learned with the Technology Action Group. Don't stop now! "I hope to see more of this kind of training in the future...I never felt it was a test, but rather a common goal we were all working toward. I feel more connected to my fellow workers now and not as isolated."
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