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Copy of Sunum

No description

Cemile Diler Ozdemir

on 20 December 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Sunum

Public Transportation System
G09 Altuğ BAYRAM Gencer VURAL Cemile Diler ÖZDEMİR İlhan ADIYAMAN Çağatay KOÇ One of the biggest problems of metropolis is increasing population. Year after year, more people move to metropolises. Public transportation is getting more and
more essential in daily life Today, computers started to be used more frequently in daily life. At the same time, IT is focused on modern human problems and more applications are produced by developers about daily needs. Every person has one or more mobile devices which are within easily reach for every moment. Therefore, the transportation problem can be solved with a mobile application in an efficient way OBJECTIVES This is our
Android Application:
"Istanbul Ulasim" Test Device:
ASUS Transformer
Spark Android 2.2 Froyo SQLite Database Tegra Android Development Pack (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Management and Technical Features Estimations of Project COCOMO II #External Inputs of Project:4

#External Outputs of Project :6

#External Inquiries of Project :4 #Internal Logical Files of Project: 9 LOC = 62 UFP * 53 java = 3286
Total SF = 18,49
EMs = 0.98
E = 0.91 + 0.01*18,49 = 1.0949
PM = 2.94*3.2891.0949 * 0.98 = 10,6
F = 0.28 + 0.2 * (1.0949 – 0.91) = 0.31698
TDEV = 3.67 * 10,60.31698 = 7,74
Estimated Number Of People = PM / TDEV = 10,6 / 7,74 = 1,4
Gantt Chart Database Design and Implementation
Map Interface Implementation Developer
Database Design and Implementation Project Manager
GUI Designer
Test Engineer Web Service Implementation
Test Engineer Software Architect
GUI Designer Use Case Diagram UML Diagram #Database table=7 Major Inputs
• Bus line / Bus stop choice to list
• Bus / Bus stop choice to see their locations on map
• Add / Delete item (stop or line) to favorites
• Search any specific bus stop or bus line
• See the bus hours
Major Outputs
• List of bus search
• List of bus line
• List of favorites
• List of recently used
• Bus hours of a selected bus line
• Buses and bus stops locations on the map
Agile Development
Why? Extreme Programming
Features Pair Programming Testing in XP
Test first development Performance Testing
User Interface Testing
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