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Quebec Ethnic Conflict

No description

Dylan Ly

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Quebec Ethnic Conflict

Quebec's Ethnic Conflict by Dylan and Akhil
Background of Ethnicities
Dominate the economic and political elite
Label themselves as French-Canadians (Quebecois)
Quebec is the hearth or core of their culture and society
They are undermined in the society
Reasons for the Quebec conflict
Main reason for fighting is for control but many sub-factors
They are forced to learn english
They say that they are going through assimilation by the English-Canadians
They don't have political power either
They each want "special benefits"
They each think they are better than the other and deserve more privileges
English are Protestant
French are Catholic
French made an effort in 1960 to increase control
They want to break away and form their own country
Outside Influence
Roman Catholic Church: Influenced peoples values and the public education system.
Was involved because of international trade unions; became important in industrialized Montreal.
Emigration of French-Canadians to New England to seek better job opportunities.
Europe was involved because of immigration of English speaking people to Quebec
Québec's ethnic conflict largely dealt with language-based and religious conflicts/oppositions.
Language conflict was between the French people of Quebec and English-speakers in Canada.
French people want to preserve thier ways and culture.
Brief History of the Quebec region
Conquered by Jaques Carter who was sent by King Francis 1st of France
This area was called New France
General Wolfe of England conquers Quebec
King of France ceded to the British
This led to the immigration of English, Irish, and Scottish
1791 Constitution Act split into two parts
Upper Canada; Haut-Canada (English speaking, Western Canada)
Lower Canada; Bas-Canada (Quebec, French speaking, Eastern Canada)
In 1867, Quebec was given its own provincal government.
Quebec has limited arable land and couldn't support farming population; but it has natural resources, which led to industry and mines.
Its proximity to U.S. has had a significant impact on trading, economic development and language.
Map of Quebec:
Quebec's Ethnic Distribution Map
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