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Bloomsburg University Today Page

No description

Ashley Wright

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Bloomsburg University Today Page

What is the BloomU Today Page?
Well-known media outlet on BU Website
Highlights upcoming university events
Accessed by anyone but targeted towards BU students-- http://www.bloomu.edu/today
Team Roles
Jasmin and Arthur spoke to Dr. Kass to receive information to put in Press Release for Today page
Shannon and Ashley spoke to Jamie North
Austin interviewed friend in MBA program
Dave created graphic
Group wrote Press Release together
Morgan compiled paper
What Lessons Did Team Learn?
It is difficult to coordinate deadlines with such a large group
Plan for more attendees than expected
Not every marketing campaign is as effective as hoped
What is the MBA Program?
Over 600 Graduate Students
AACSB accredited program
Don't have to be a Business Major
Currently 70 students involved in MBA program
Organization & Timeline
Large group- 8 members
Limited E-Marketing platforms to choose from
Creating content to attract college students
Amount of time article is posted to BU Today page
MBA Event was a success because each group did a wonderful job of marketing to prospective Graduate students!

Team 4 faced challenges, but the assignment was completed successfully!
Bloomsburg University Today Page
E-Marketing Platform
Morgan Beard
David Bixler
Connor McClure
Arthur Newman
Shannon Phillips
Austin Schwartz
Jasmin Thiele
Ashley Wright
Why BloomU Today Page?
Strong connection to Jamie North
Analytics available for analysis
Not many platforms left to choose from
Marketing/E-Marketing Influences in Planning
Goals- Create post on Today page and have at least 5 people attend
Weigh the benefits and risks of attending the event
Goals & Success
Goals- Have 5 students attend event
Actual Attendance- 0
BU Today page views were around 30,000
How was Event Carried Out?
Slightly unorganized
Not enough direction
Limited space for attendees and E-Marketing students
Important information about MBA program was presented- received good reviews from attendees
Great turnout for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Was the Assignment Successful? Were Goals Achieved?
Successful because page received thousands of views
Unsuccessful because no one marked that they attended event because of the Today page
Goal of bringing in 5 students was not met
What Would Team Do Differently?
Meet more frequently
Design a more creative graphic and post/multiple graphics and posts
Offer an incentive to come to event
Friday, Oct. 3
- Shannon & Ashley meet with Jamie North
Monday, Oct. 6
- Arthur & Jasmin meet with Dr. Kass
Monday, Oct. 6
- The group writes Press Release for Today page
Monday, Oct. 6
- Dave creates graphic for Today page
Wednesday, Oct. 8
- Austin interviews current MBA student
Thursday, Oct. 9
- Shannon submits documents to Jamie North
Monday, Oct. 20
- Article posted to Today page
Attendance Goal
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