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Innovations in Sales Promotion

Marketing Management

Olivia Rankin

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Innovations in Sales Promotion

Innovations in Sales Promotion
Olivia Rankin
Sales Promotions?
Sales Promotion is any type of promotional incentive used to encourage immediate sale of a product or a service.

There are two forms
and trade promotions
Common Methods of Sales Promotions
Innovation in Sales Promotion
Innovation in sales promotion is simply a new methods or new process of marketing to the target market.
Innovation def.
A new method or idea
Top Four Innovations in Promotion

Sales Promotion
Contest / Sweepstakes
Refunds/ Rebates
Free Shipping
#1: Coupon Sites & Apps
CONs: They
PRO: They...
#2: QR Codes
attract customers
helps moves inventory
promotes business awareness
Deals attract low end bargain seekers
Make consumers more price sensitive
Deals don't generate loyal repeat customers
#3 Bluetooth Proximity Based Devices
#4 Location Based Apps
They are cost effective
They easy to make
They have many ways to be used promotionally
The older generation may avoid due to a lack of understanding
They have the potential to be overused
They are not aesthetically pleasing in design
Positive Aspects:
Negative Aspects:
It can be ineffective if...
The consumer dismisses the text alerts
Don't have a phone
Don't have a compatible phone
Have the bluetooth turned off

Valuable perks for customers within range
Perks are give out in a inconspicuous manner
Attracts positive foot traffic

Easy to attrack new custmers
Great for rewarding loyal customers
Cost effective
Easy to set and control store promotions
Free promotion analytics
& They are costly
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