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Paradigms and Principles

No description

Jenae Lof

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Paradigms and Principles

By Jenae Lof Paradigms What is a paradigm? What is a paradigm? A paradigm is the way you see something and your point of view. Paradigms are like glasses There are paradigms of yourself, others, life, friends, stuff,
boyfriends/girlfriends, school, parents, other things and principles. Paradigms of yourself. Positive self paradigms can bring out
the best in us. If you believe in yourself, you
will have a positive outlook. Building your self
image may involve a person you can lean on and get advice from. I suck at school I am good at soccer. Negative self
paradigms put
limitations on us
and bring us down. Positive self paradigms
can build your self images
and everything in your life
will be positive. Stuff. We live in a material world, and sometimes possessions
such as cars, toys, accomplishments can be the center of
our lives. Centering our lives on things and quantity of
our things does not count in the end. School Getting good grades makes people forget
their purpose for school and life. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Centering your life on your boyfriend or girlfriend makes them build their life around you. Your independance will Being centered on your boyfriend/girlfriend can make you centered on your partner and make you loose your independence. Also, your whole emotional life would be centered on them, which is not a good thing. Parents. Parents should be honored and respected
because they can be your greatest source of love.
But always trying to please them doesn't focus
on your life and what makes you happy. Being school centered can keep you from enjoying
life and unhealthy when you start caring too much
about you and your grades. Other Centers SPORTS/HOBBIES
CENTERED. Some focus so much on sports and
do not pay attention to their career. HERO-CENTERED. Building your life on athletes and
celebrities can leave you disappointed if they die or are a bad influence. ENEMY CENTERED. Being focused on a group or person that you
hate can create divorces and gangs... WORK
CENTERED. Wanting more stuff and striving to be
wealthy can result in people working too long
and too hard. PRINCIPLE-CENTERED. You heart will recognize true principles. If your paradigm is incomplete and wrong,
its like having glasses with the
wrong prescription. If it is complete, then you will have the right prescription and you will see everything in a positive way. ENEMY CENTERED. LOYALTY. SERVICE Always remember to be God-centered. THANK YOU.
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