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Project 3: Wood Beam Design

No description

Linda Komnang

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Project 3: Wood Beam Design

Design Process Beam Team Project Objective The goal of this project is to design, build and test a wooden beam using only the materials in the Discovery box. Utilizing Resources Lectures
Project Management
Calculation Formulas
Moment of Inertia
Teacher's Assistants
Work Space
301D Lab
Phone First Attempt Requirements Presentation Overview Objective
Final Product
Lessons Learned Beam Requirements
Only basswood and wood glue
Mass < 200 g
Max cross-section 2" x 2"
Length 24"
Cost < $9.00
2 or more pieces of wood glued together
Performance Requirements
Load: 275 lbf
Deflection < 0.1" between 18" Planning Prepare Gantt Chart
Turn in individual designs
Comprise a decision matrix Status: Passed
Beam Mass: 186g
Flange Thickness: 3/16"
Web Thickness: 3/16"
Height: 2"
Base: 1 11/16"
Moment of Inertia:0.837in^4
Modulus of Elasticity:1.5x10^6 Second Attempt Status: Failed
Did not compensate for glue in deflection
Over-testing caused wood to weaken
Inaccurate construction.
Changes made:
Compensated for error in calculations
Accuracy in construction
Increase the safety on the deflection
Reinforce glue joints for strenght Status: Failed
Given the wrong Modulus of Elasticity
Changes made:
Found a more accurate modulus of elasticity Ready for constuction! Final Design Management skills
Time constraints
Cordinating team roles
Communication skills
Staying updated
Team member input
Listening skills
Beam Design
Types of beams
Inertia and deflection
Modulus of elasticity Second Attempt Video Lessons Learned
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