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Sadie Kane

A presentation on the amazing Sadie Kane

bree rivera

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Sadie Kane

An inside look into the not-so-average life of Sadie Kane, your regular teenage magician.
Sadie Kane: Teenage Magician
1998: The Year of the Sadie
Sadie Kane

Sadie was born on March 17, 1998. (she's almost 15
years old)

*Fun Fact: On Sadie's 6th birthday, she and her older brother Carter got into an argument about blowing out the candles on the cake, which triggered their then-secret magical powers, causing the birthday cake to explode.
Origins of Sadie Kane
Sadie's Sign
Sadie's zodiac sign is Pisces (just like me!)
The Fabulous Sadie Kane
Sadie likes Adele music, particularly
from her album "21".
The Wise Words Of Sadie Kane
One of Sadie's most famous quotes is :
Sadie was born in California, but she has lived
in London with her grandparents since she
was six years old. Her mother, Ruby, was a magician like her father, and died releasing the Egyptian cat goddess Bast from the
. Sadie moved to London with her grandparents, then to Brooklyn with her uncle Amos and brother Carter to train in the art of Egyptian magic.

*Fun Fact: The custody battle for Sadie between her grandparents and her dad, the magician Julius Kane,
involved a violent spatula attack, which is referred to as the Great Spatula Incident.
A regular teenage girl who practices
ancient Egyptian magic on the side.
Portrait of Sadie Kane;
Courtesy of Google-
The Sounds of Sadie
*Fun Fact: Sadie has a playlist for every mood
she might be in on her MP3 player
"When Someone says 'I forbid it', that's a good
chance it's worth doing."
~ Sadie Kane
*Fun Fact: Sadie first said this in "The Red Pyramid", when Carter was afraid to go in the room that their Uncle

Amos forbade them to enter. Sadie used her
for the first time to blow the doors up.
A lesson in Ancient Egyptian:
"ha-di" means "to destroy"
Sadie Goes to School
Sadie went to a public school in London, until she moved
to Brooklyn. Now, she lives in Brooklyn House. There, she continues to learn magic, and also teaches initiates. (other teens that found the

A Lesson in Ancient Egyptian: "duat"-The Ancient
Egyptian underworld.
*Fun Fact: Sadie had two best friends in London: Liz and Emma.
*Book Reference: In "the Throne of Fire" Sadie and Carter left a djed amulet in a magic locker, and only other teenage magicians could find it. Upon finding it, they came from all parts of the
world to learn how to use their magic. A djed amulet is an amulet that represents strength. Their mom gave it to them when they
visited their parents in the underworld...Since their parents are now the King and Queen of the Duat.
Other Things You
Should Know
*After living in Britain for most of her life, Sadie
developed a British accent, which has started to fade ever since she moved to Brooklyn.

*Because her grandparents got custody of her, Sadie only got to see her dad & brother twice a year!

*Brooklyn house is enchanted so that non-magicians can't see it. It's on top of an old abandoned factory.

*Most magicians are descendants of pharaohs,(the Kings of Egypt) who were also the first magicians.

*Sadie has a crush on the god of funerals, Anubis.

*Sadie was a host of the goddess Isis.

*Sadie is the 3rd most powerful magician
in the world, after her brother and
her uncle.
This djed amulet is similar to the one Carter and Sadie hid for the initiates to find.
Faces of Sadie Kane
Sadie has been described as everything from insane to sarcastic to amazing. While these are all true, there is more to Sadie Kane than meets the eye. At first sight, Sadie's appearance screams "rebel!' and "over-the-top!", mostly because of her colorful highlights and ever-present combat boots, like a younger version of Avril Lavigne. But looks are deceiving, because Sadie's personality is very different. She is caring, kind, and willing to sacrifice a lot to help others. Family always comes first, mostly because she doesn't have much of it. She can be stubborn, and doesn't quit on ANYTHING, but that isn't always a bad thing, especially when you spend most of your time saving the world. Plus, she's really good at making things explode. Who doesn't love that in a person?
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