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No description

Mikaela Mayhew

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Fairytales

What is Appealing about Modern Fairy Tales?
How have fairy tales progressed over time and what are their purposes?
More violence and action
Hunger Games
Fairly Odd Parents
Tends to touch more on issues that we as a society are are more interested in, love
Usually involves love triangles
Draws in a large amount of people due to the combination of love and violence
Creates an appealing story line
Are Morals Present in Modern Fairy Tales?
Easier to identify morals in original fairy tales
Modern fairy tales focus more on the entertainment aspect
Original more concerned about conveying morals
Modern care more about involving/entertaining audience
Hunger Games
and "Jack and the Beanstalk" Comparison
Both take drastic measures for their poor and struggling families
Jack sacrifices cow for magical beans while Katniss sacrifices herself for her District
Jack known to be the "Giant Slayer" while Katniss becomes the "Mocking Jay"
Both characters' sin haunt each other but live their lives "happily ever after"
Element of morality in fighting for/protecting family prevalent in both but more obvious in "Jack and the Beanstalk"
Hunger Games much more violent for entertainment purposes

and "Alice in Wonderland" Comparison
Original vs. modern fairy tales

• Both stories show young girls bored with current lives and wish to escape to alternative universe with magic and talking animals
• Teach children to not rush growing up and to appreciate the life you were given and all the world has to offer
• Both dark stories that teach girls that the life they may have desired is no longer what they want
•Stories take place in different times, but they both share a similar message

Fairly Odd Parents
and "Cinderella" Comparison
Fairly Odd Parents:
Main character is male
More relatable to this generation
Mostly for entertainment
Wishes for events and items
Main character is female
Includes a "damsel in distress"
Main point of the story was getting the point across
Wishes to find her prince
About "outcasted" characters
Involves magic
Have morals that they are trying to get across
Main characters are saved by a godparent(s) in the end
Each story uses a unique idea to explain a bigger significance

The author’s uses their imagination to make the fairytale relatable for a bigger audience and leave it open for interpretation.

Modern tales contain morals that are more dimmed down than original fairytales

The stories are mainly for entertainment and used to escape from reality.
Gabby Pantoja
Mikaela Mayhew
Makaila Warga
Nick Bottom
Dylan Herrick
Kierstin Dowden
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