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ISA--International School's Assessment

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Jackie Chen

on 10 January 2016

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Transcript of ISA--International School's Assessment

ISA--International Schools' Assessment
How do the assessments work?
Students complete a reading literacy test, a mathematical literacy test and two writing tests(narrative and expository), each of which takes between 45 minutes and one hour to administer in two mornings. The tests include both multiple choice and open ended tasks.
How can ISA assessment data be used to improve learning?
What is ISA?
The ISA assessment program is designed especially for students in international schools in grades 3 to 10. It is based on the internationally endorsed reading, mathematical literacy and scientific literacy frameworks of the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).
Note that the ISA is not part of the PISA program and is not endorsed in any way by the OECD.
Phase 1
2016.1. 8 Introduction of ISA.

2016.1.11-18 Sample test practice.
(English+ Math)

2016.2.22--26 Practices

2016.2.29 Attend the tests

2016.4 Reflections and actions based on
the reports
Reasons why to join ISA:

ISA and IB programs share similar educational principles.

ISA measures growth over time for both individuals and school populations vertically and horizontally.

Reports show the areas that need to be improved and done well.

Who uses ISA?
International schools and schools with an international focus, whose language of instruction is English.
Over 37 000 students from 204 schools participated in ISA February 2014.
Who takes part in the ISA in WFLPYP?
PYP 3A,3B,3C - 70 students
PYP 4A,4B,4C - 59 students
PYP 5A,5B,5C - 70 students
What does ISA measure?
Pencil and Pen(G3-10):
Mathematical Literacy
Online (G8 & G10):
Scientific Literacy

When does ISA offer?
Schools have the option of administering the ISA in either October OR February.
Time for WFLPYP is Feb.29,March 1 & 2,2016.
How much does ISA cost?
20 or fewer students participate , AUD880.00 in total
more than 20 students participate,AUD44.00 per student
500 students participate ,a 5 per cent discount off total participation fees.

Individual Report
Class Report
School Report
What does the test look like?
Sample Math, Reading & Writing(Narrative+ Expository)
IB and ACER have an informal agreement to communicate about research projects using the ISA that are of mutual interest.
ISA provides WFL PYP a systematic and logical scale of where we at, areas that need improvement and strengthening on areas that we are already doing well.
Language limits
Bilingual system faces challenges in the tests that are driven in English.
Teachers experiences in helping ESL students' preparation.
Two homeroom teachers (one chinese speaker and one English speaker) teach math collaboratively.
Curriculum can be flexible, NO textbook to follow.
The language ability that compared with other international schools.
Time limits
The time allocation between local math and ISA.
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