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No description

Samantha Valdez

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Colombia

Latin America Project
Samantha Valdez
In a fragile vase
In your chamber are
Preserved butterflies
That when touched by
A brilliant sun ray
Turn to mother-of-pearl,
Pieces of iridescent
Evening sky
Or opaline glimmer
Of velvety wings;
There the azure
Daughters of the air,
Mercurial wings
Now fixed forever,
Wings that traversed
Unexplored valleys
That like the desires
Of your enamored soul
Seem, at dawn,
To be revived
When you unlatch
Your windows and sun
Explodes in your eyes
And in crystalline panes.
Fernando Botero Painting

I selected this painting as a representative work of art for my country because when I was a little girl there was always this one restaurant that my parents and I would go to all the time and this painting was hanging on the wall. It reminded me of my family because its only my mom, dad, and I.
Colombians could see European visa restrictions removed by January: Congressman
Colombians could see their bid to remove bureaucratic restrictions on European visas approved in the European Union (EU) Parliament as soon as next January, according to Luis de Grandes Pascual.

Pascual, a parliamentary representative from Spain who supports the bill that would allow Colombians to enter freely into Europe without the need for a prior visa, told reporters Monday that a recent comittee vote in favor of the measure was a “gigantic step” toward establishing free transit between Colombia and Europe.

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