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Grouping High School

No description

Julie Fleischmann

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Grouping High School

Template by Missing Link
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Model Lesson
Setting the Stage
9th Grade World Geography
TEKS: WG.18A Analyze cultural changes in specific regions caused by migration, war, trade, innovations, and diffusion.
Objective: By the end of class, I will be able to analyze various social, economic, and political conflicts and develop a plan to address the problems.

In groups: You completed the Handout "Summarizing Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Develop New Learning
At your table, you have cards with classroom scenarios.
How would you incorporate grouping when teaching this standard?
What grouping arrangement(s) would enhance student learning in your selected scenario? Why?
Be prepared to share one scenario!
Try to incorporate grouping at least once a class period. Even a quick think-pair-share can count as grouping!
Apply New Learning
Stony Point High School
Julie Fleischmann
By the end of this training I will be able to develop tools that will enable me to group students with a higher level of structure and purpose.
Grouping HS
1. Find your like color paint swatch partner:
Describe one hope and one fear you have in regards to grouping students in your class.
Key Research on Grouping
Organizing students in heterogeneous cooperative learning groups at least once a week has a significant effect on learning (Marzano, Pickering, & Pollock, 2001).
Low-ability students perform worse when grouped in homogeneous ability groups (Kulik & Kulik, 1991, 1997; Lou et al, 1996).
There may be no other instructional strategy that simultaneously achieves such diverse outcomes as cooperative grouping. The amount, generalizability, breadth, and applicability of the research on cooperative, competitive, and individualistic efforts provides considerable validation of the use of cooperative learning to achieve diverse outcomes, including achievement, time on task, motivation, transfer of learning, and other benefits
(Cohen, 1994a; Johnson, 1970; Johnson & Johnson, 1974, 1978, 1989, 1999a, 2000; Kohn, 1992; Sharan, 1980; Slavin, 1977, 1991).
5 minutes
What are hurdles (obstacles) for effective grouping in the classroom?
Brainstorm at least 3 hurdles and record on your group sheet.
Pass your list to a neighboring group.
With this list, choose a hurdle.
As a group come up with a solution to this hurdle. Be prepared to share!
Hurdles Protocol
3 Minutes
Hurdles Protocol
4 minutes
Resources Provided
List of group roles
List of grouping strategies
How were you grouped throughout the training and how did it help you meet the objective?
Warm Up – Paint Swatches – Talked to a variety of people, shared ideas, found common ground
Mini-Lesson: Pairs, Cooperative groups
Scenarios – Pairs enabled cooperative learning
Hurdles Protocol – Small groups enabled discussion and cooperative learning.
In Pairs
Consensus Map:
On your place mat, answer the question in your corner. You have 2 minutes to write your response.
Read "Selected Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa" and decide on the type of conflict that exists in each scenario (political, economic, or social) and if the conflict is tied to migration, war, trade, innovation or diffusion.
As a table group, select one conflict and discuss a
possible plan of action to solve the problem or deal with the effects of the problem.
How can political, economic, and social conflicts be resolved?
As a group, come to a consensus on your group response and record it in the middle of your place mat. You have 3 minutes.
Step Out: How did I structure grouping for this lesson?
2 minutes
3 minutes
2 minutes
How can political, economic, and social conflicts be resolved?
-Conflict in Libya and Arab Spring
-Political and Social conflicts caused by diffusion of ideas
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