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Original NewXape

Entrepreneurial Management Presentation by David Kachoui and Karina Garcia

Karina Garcia

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of Original NewXape

a new kind of desktop experience Current Desktop Experience But what if... personalized
all about you Mastermind David Kachoui
Faithful Follower Karina Garcia What do we mean?
How does it work? Possibilities In-world advertising Virality Eyeballs! static
not about you Marketing Markets Positioning Distribution Pricing Promotion BtoB: Differentiate yourself!
BtoC: Experience your own
individuality! BtoB
Entertainment Companies
(source of initial artists and designers)
PC Manufacturers
(to preload software and demos)
Freelance/Entrepreneurial Designers
High School Students: 17MM*
College Students: 17MM*
Avid - Heavy Video Gamers: 42MM
Proprietary "Xape" Store
(a la the Apple App Store)
PC Manufacturers BtoB
Identify Loss Leaders
(to comp design kit to create network effects)
Direct Sales!!!
Social Media
Brand/Promo Tie-Ins
Online Advertising BtoB
Design Kit (1 OS): $4,995
Design Kit License: $7,495
Advertising Royalties per user: $1.20

World Download Fee: $25 (still testing)
World Annual Subscription Fee: $75 (up to 5 worlds) *Source: 2000 US Census Karina Pena Garcia
marketing background
realist and devil's advocate
CMO David Kachoui
finance and product development background
innovative visionary
CEO & Founder Barriers to Entry IP/patents on design kit
network effect
exclusive deals with designers and/or OS Thank You.

Any questions? Timing is of
the essence current OS players and "Fast Followers" pose ever-present threat
cloud computing trends lower barriers to entry
contextual advertising is HOT and we can capture piece of that pie
social media has opened doors for uber self expression and personalization What is it?
NewXape offers high schoolers, college students, and online gamers the next generation of file management applications that are more similar to video games than current file managers. This makes navigating folders and saving and opening documents as interactive as navigating through an interactive themed world.

Let's just show you... The NewXape Team
a team made for success
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