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Copy of Tupperware Presentation for Sales

No description

Isam Mielia

on 11 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Tupperware Presentation for Sales

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Earl Tupper (1907-1983)
Born in Berlin, New Hampshire
Started own business, went bankrupt
Then got job with DuPont Chemical
Created first model from polyethylene slag
Made cups, bowls, plates, gas masks
Founder Tupperware Plastics Company in 1942 in Massachusetts
Tupperware is a long-lasting, synthetic polymer that is used to keep food fresh over time.
They developed the air tight seal in 1946 (“Heritage”). This made it so the food wouldn’t dry out and would taste just as good as when you first made it.
Marketing Strategy 3P
Its marketing strategy is the three P’s
1. Product
2. Party Plan
3. People
Product – Tupperware products carried a lifetime guarantee. Any damage to the product could be replaced at any point of time anywhere in the world.
Party Plan- Tupperware used a direct selling method called the “party plan”. In this the women dealer approaches a lady and asks her to host a party at her place, the investment in the party was borne by the hostess.
The Tupperware women demonstrates the benefits and usages of the products to the invitees to the party. And the hostess gets a free gift of tupperware product.
This method allows the Tupperware products to be demonstrated physically and their utility explained and by this process they justify the reason for the higher costs of the products.
People- Tupperware believed that there business success was through people therefore Brownie had said “built the people, and they will build the business”. They had reward system for employees. They organized three social events per month.

Target Prospects
Just about every household has the potential to buy Tupperware
Plastic storage containers (for food and other things) are used in every household
Tupperware used to be directed more at the female population since they were traditionally the caretakers of the household
As more women are entering the workforce, roles have changed
Both males and females are cooking and taking care of the house so Tupperware is not just directed primarily at the female population

Features of Tupperware
Different shapes, colors, and sizes
Built-in ventilation technology
Benefits of Tupperware
Store bulk food products
Buying in bulk saves consumers money
Durability makes it a lifetime value
Easy-storage convenience saves time
On-the-go, reusable products that sport energy efficiency
by Mimya Kamiliya Yahya

Advantages of Tupperware
Easily Stored
Built-in ventilation
Energy Efficiency
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your online purchase of Tupperware products, you can return the items purchased within 30 days of delivery.


1. To get response on the organizational design and changes faced by Tupperware Brands Corporation.
2. To get the response on the current management processes, structures and leadership styles of Tupperware.
3. To give recommendations on how the organization can improve on its current management and leadership styles.
Outcome Orientation
Attention to Detail
People Orientation
Team Orientation

According to Gastil (1994), there are three key elements of democratic leadership:
 Maximizing participation and involvement of group members
 Empowerment
 Facilitating group decision-making
The leadership trait(s) leaders in
the organization possess
There are six traits which distinguish successful leaders from others, namely: -
Having an extrovert personality
 Dominance
 Masculinity
 Conservatism
 Being better adjusted than non-leaders

Team Management
This arises from a high concern for people and a high concern for production. The objectives are to achieve high levels of both performance and job satisfaction by gaining subordinates’ willing commitment to achieving their assigned tasks.

Determine the area or aspect of organization to be improved.
The area to which improvement is continuously expected in this organization will be on the management and leadership style.

Though the current top management has managed to create changes, however, the changes can be considered as incremental.

Leadership Empowerment
According to Tupperware CEO, a dozen years of recruiting, educating and empowering women around the world Rick Goings to start businesses selling Tupperware has translated into earnings success.

The company is leveraging a growing female sales force of 2.6 million women in regions like China, India, Indonesia,Malaysia, the CIS, Latin America and South Africa. It is simultaneously benefiting from the growing ranks of working women in developed nations who are buying its products to help their busy, on-the-go lifestyles.
The big challenge will be capturing a sales force, as well as a consumer base that can substantiate the big investment made by the company to enter these new markets.
Creating and launching new products to compete in different segments of the beauty business. This challenge requires a big investment for research, development, and marketing organization to come up with the best product and launch strategy for these products.
Maintaining and increasing brand identity

A framework for organizational effectiveness as it relates to the organization
The Framework for organizational effective suggests the usefulness of change theory.

Tupperware organisation change process falls in the fourth quadrant of the Framework of Change which represents situations where organizations operating in a stable environment need to make small-scale and localized adjustments to attitudes and behaviours or tasks and procedures.

Develop a vision for change
The Four Elements of a Vision

The Heart of Tupperware Brands

Hidden Objection
Prospect: I like your Wonderlier bowls, but I’m just not completely sold on them yet.

Salesperson: What would it take to convince you that our products are the best?

Prospect: Well, do your products keep food fresh longer than say Glad?

Salesperson: Yes, our products are permanent storage containers and are made of higher quality materials.

Prospect: Are they worth my money?

Salesperson: Yes, they will not only preserve your food better, they also preserve it longer, and will help you save money on food waste costs.

Prospect: Great, with four kids, saving money is practically my second full time job!

True Objection
Prospect: I like your Wonderlier bowls, but aren’t they prone to microwave leeching?

Salesperson: All plastic products are prone to some microwave leeching when temperature conditions are met. However, Tupperware’s Wonderlier bowls are renowned for their abilities to resist microwave leeching and keep your bowls in pristine condition if handled properly.

Prospect: That sounds good, but isn’t that still dangerous?

Salesperson: Microwave leeching is inevitable in plastic products; however, our products are designed to be BPA free in order to prevent cancerous chemicals from seeping into your foods if or when leeching occurs.

Prospect: Well it certainly sounds like your company is doing very well at protecting its customers.
Hopeless Objection
Prospect: I like your products, but I’m allergic to plastic products.

Salesperson: Unfortunately, most of our products are plastic based, and all products have been exposed to the chemicals that compose the plastics in our products. It may be safer for you to use another brand of product.

Prospect: I like the Wonderlier bowls, but they are too expensive to purchase given my current salary.

Salesperson: Yes, they are expensive at $35 for a 3-piece set; however, they come with a lifetime warranty, and we’ll replace them free of charge if they ever stop functioning?

Prospect: Really?

Salesperson: Yes, all Tupperware products come with a lifetime warranty and free replacement upon any product failures.

Request for more information
Prospect: Could you tell me more about the materials in the Wonderlier bowls?

Salesperson: Absolutely, would you like to know about the BPA free qualification, or any other specific information?

Prospect: Yes, these products seem like they would be safe for my children to use, but I need to understand what this means.

Salesperson: Sure, BPA free means that most cancerous chemicals have been eliminated from the materialization process of the Wonderlier bowls. I can also give you a product safety brochure if you’re interested.

Alternative-Choice Close
Prospect: Well, the Wonderlier bowls sound like they might be a good replacement for my Glad bowls.

Salesperson: Good, I’m glad that you can see the potential that our Wonderlier bowls have to offer. Which would you prefer, the Wonderlier classic 3-pack, or would you prefer to order them piece by piece?

The Assumptive Close
Prospect: The Wonderlier bowls come in the same sizes that I currently buy disposable bowls for at the grocery store.

Salesperson: Great, then I’ll place your order immediately with complimentary 3-day shipping so you can start using your Tupperware Wonderlier bowls immediately.

The Compliment Close
Prospect: I love Tupperware products, but the Wonderlier products are never on sale.

Salesperson: Mrs. Johnson, I know and applaud you on being a very thrifty mother. It’s obvious that you’ve done significant research on our products, and are currently an avid user of our other goods. Honestly, the Wonderlier bowls are our flagship product, and rarely, if ever go on sale. Now is the time to buy, before the prices go up. I suggest that you buy now and employ your thrifty genius to purchase these products as soon as possible.

Summary-of-benefits close
Salesperson: So you want value, durability, safety, and a guarantee in a storage product?

Prospect: Yes, that’s a pretty accurate statement.

Salesperson: Given the value of Tupperware’s Wonderlier products, and the fact that they are reusable, not disposable, you can easily see the inherit value in such a product for you and your family. Additionally, our BPA free products are a safe choice – you shouldn’t gamble with your family’s health when it comes to food safety. Additionally, our lifetime guarantee means that you only have to purchase our product once, not multiple times, like other storage containers, such as Glad.

Late 1940’s – Brownie Wise a Sales women who was selling household products for Stanley Home Products was hired by Tupperware company.

She introduced the unique “Party Plan” method of marketing.

Year 1948- First home party for Tupperware was conducted.

Improvement made my Brownie Wise-
She removed all Tupperware products from retail outlets and marketed them through the party plan method .

Women were the prime sellers and consumers for the company.

Task Management
This can be defined as a high concern for production but a low concern for people. The objective is to achieve high productivity by planning, organizing and directing work in such a way that human considerations are kept to a minimum.

Change in Management and Leadership Style

It was found out that currently, top management of Tupperware organization provides more communication platforms for the employees especially for the marketing and sales department. This can be seen in more informal activities among top management and the sales team in terms of training and activities in sales force.

Develop a plan for assessing and reinforcing the organizational design and change.
A survey or cultural audit
Interviews individual/groups
Examine turnover and absenteeism rate
Policies and procedures.
Appraisal and career development
Reward systems
Training & development

1.  Company main concept of Marketing is through Party Plan
2. Enhance sustainability goals and capitalize on buyer preferences for “green” products
3. Company has adopted Online Marketing
4. To act on the “follow-up culture”
5. To seek help from a change agent outside the system (if need be) in order to help the top management to view the "reality" of what they have constructed, and to see “meaning” in things they normally take for granted.
For almost 50 years, Tupperware has been making it all possible in homes around the world - not just providing products, but giving women rewarding careers too.

Today, Tupperware is one of the world's leading direct selling companies, with nearly one million independent sales people bringing Tupperware's premium food storage containers, serving products, microwave cookware and children's toys to life in more than 100 countries.
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