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Disadvantage Theory

No description

Brian Lain

on 14 January 2019

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Transcript of Disadvantage Theory

C. Impact-
"The Conclusion"
The impact is the consequence of the chain of causality. It is crucial to say that the consequences are bad. Otherwise there is not cost.

Immigration: The negative argues that more workers in the U.S. economy means more unemployment, more drains on social services, and hurts the overall economy.
Disadvantage Theory
How to do issues of Cost
A. Present System
B. Link
The Brink
Affirmative Answers
Affirmatvie Advantages
This is a description of what is currently going on in the present system. In the case of disadvantages it says there is no problem now, but we might be close to a problem.

Imagine we are debating immigration reform and the negative wants to argue that allowing more immigrants in will adversely effect the economy.

The Present System part of the disadvantage the Neg must argue that our economy is strong now and we have adequate immigration for our economic needs.
The Affirmative can refute any part of the disadvantage and can make more than one point.
1. The economy is already hurt n the present system
2. the executive order will already trigger this impact
3. More workers actually lower labor costs which is good for manufacturing (Turning the tables)
4. More workers contribute helping social services more than they use (Turn)
Affirmative advantages are structured the same way:
A. Present System, current immigration policy takes away family rights.
B.Affirmative Proposal- by allowing cousins, family rights are preserved. (solvency)
C. implication (Impact) family rights are important human rights and deporting family members is a violation of human rights.
Every Disadvantage is a chain of cause and effect, so after establishing what the present system is, the Negative must argue that there is a connection springing from the Affirmative proposal (which has not yet occurred). This is the link.

In our immigration debate, assume the affirmative expands family status past the recent executive order allowing cousins of currently legal employees to stay. The Negative Link is that more immigrants would drain resources in the economy.
Every Disadvantage has some point at which the Negative argues that we cannot return from danger. Like going past the endge of a cliff, this invisible threshold is called a brink.

Immigration: The Neg says the executive order allowed 5 million have legal status. If 10 million more enter the labro force unemployment will skyrocket.

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