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What is a Social Impact Career?

No description

Susie Richetti

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of What is a Social Impact Career?

What IS a Social Impact Opportunity?
Social Impact Careers?
A look below the tip of the iceberg...

Impact careers approach societal inequities and inadequacies
with innovation to develop creative sustainable solutions.
Let's consider the triple bottom line framework which is made up of three components:
Social, Environmental or Ecological
and Financial.
These divisions are often referred to as the three P's or the
"three pillars of sustainability"
People, Planet, and Profit.
Sustainability | Impact Investing | Corporate Social Responsibility | International Development | Social Enterprise
With the world of work changing and evolving, we must adapt in order to best prepare for professional success. More than ever, grads today are engaging in careers that combine their desire to do well professionally while simultaneously doing good for the world around them.
We call these Social Impact Opportunities.
Social Enterprises
Corporations with Social Focus
Impact Investment Firms
B Corps
Non-Profit Organizations

Government Entities
Corporations with Environmental Focus
People use all kinds of buzz words to
describe "social impact" jobs:

Impact Investing
Social Impact
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Green Jobs
Non-Profit Work
Government Employment
Field Missions

Learn more about the difference these organizations are making! You might discover where your passion will take you!

There are several independent companies that measure and report the impact of an organization to the public.
An Impact-Organization might have a mission or focus in "the sweet spot" where the 3 P's intersect. They often use a framework considering People, Planet, & Profit.
So it could be in a non-profit, a B-corp, traditional business, government organization or a hybrid.
These roles are found every where along the business spectrum.
The Center for Career & Life Planning has the tools you need to find the right place for you!
Sign up for a workshop today!
A job or internship in an organization with a mission or focus on helping tackle a problem in the larger societal context...
Finding the fit between your passion, your skills, and education is what Rollins WORK ON PURPOSE workshops are designed to help you do!
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