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The Crucible Timeline

No description

Lynne Smith

on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of The Crucible Timeline

Reverend Parris caught his daughter Betty and niece Abigail dancing in the woods with his slave Tituba. Other girls from Salem Village were there.
Betty becomes ill and unconscious. Parris questions Abigail about whether they were conjuring spirits in the woods. Abigail admits to dancing, but denies witchcraft. Parris fears that his reputation will be destroyed because of the girl's behavior.
John Proctor comes in. He had an affair with Abigail when she was his servant. Abigail believes that Mrs. Proctor is ruining her name and reputation in the village. Abigail still loves John Proctor.
Betty sits up and starts screaming when she hears the Lord's name in a psalm. The Putnams say it is a sure sign of witchcraft.
Reverend Hale enters. He is a "
witchcraft expert
". He questions Abigail about what was happening in the woods and what was in the caldron. Abigail blames Tituba for making her drink the blood. Tituba confesses to witchcraft. The marshall is called. Betty wakes and the girls accuse others of being with the devil.
Eight days passed. The witchcraft trails have started. Elizabeth Proctor thinks her husband John can stop the trials by telling the court that Abigail is a fraud and that she is lying. Elizabeth and John argue because it is clear that John has been alone wiht Abigail.
Mary Warren, the Proctor's servant, comes back from Salem. Mary gives Elizabeth a poppet she made while sitting in court. Mary tells John and Elizabeth that thirty nine women have been arrested for witchcraft. Some of the women confessed to avaoid hanging. Mary goes on to say that Elizabeth's name has been mentioned in court. The Proctors know Abigail is behind the accusation.
Reverend Hale comes to question Elizabeth about what was said in court. Giles Corey and Francis Nurse announce that their wives had been arrested. Suddenly, Ezekiel Cheever and Marshal Herrick arrive with an arrest warrant for Elizabeth Proctor. They spot the poppet with a needle in it. That matches the accusation made by Abigail. Elizabeth is taken away. John wants Mary to go court and say she made the poppet, but she is terrified.
John Proctor and Mary go to the court to tell the judges that the girls are lying. The judge of the Salem Witch Trials, Danforth, says that Elizabeth is pregnant and can't be hanged. Proctor presents a document signed by villagers who say his wife is not a witch. Danforth wants all the 91 people who signed it questioned.
John Proctor confesses to his affair with Abigail. He wants to ruin her reputation. Elizabeth is brought into court to confirm the affair. She lies to protect her husband and says there was no affair. John's case against Abigail is ruined. Mary Warren turns against John saying he is the Devil's man. John is arrested. Hale quits the court.
The Crucible Timeline
Colton Smith-Period 7

Act Four begins and Parris tells Hathorne that Abigail robbed him of 31 pound and has vanished. Parris tries to postpone the hangings. He believes that if people who are not guilty are hanged, then the town will question the government. Danforth refuses to delay any hangings. Also, Parris fears he would be killed with a dagger if John Proctor is hanged.
Hale returns to the court to question the accusations against the people in jail. He wants Danforth to pardon the people in jail. When Danforth won't do that, he thinks that they should confess in order to avoid death. Danforth won't stop the hangings because he is worried about how he will look to the town.
There is rebellion in the town. Hale, Danforth, and Parris speak with Elizabeth Proctor. They want her to presuade John to confess so that he won't be hanged. Elizabeth agrees to speak with him and tells him Giles Corey was pressed to death. Proctor agrees to confess because he wants to live.
During his confession, Danforth asks Proctor who he saw with the Devil. Proctor refused to accuse anyone else. Danforth wants him to sign a written confession. Proctor will not cooperate because he does not want to sign his name to a lie. Danforth decress that Proctor will hang high over the town. Proctor is taken away to be executed.
The Conclusion
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