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Square Enix

No description

David Hawisher

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Square Enix

Square Enix is a Japanese company that primarily produces Role-Playing Games. It is the product of a 2003 merger between Square (founded in 1983) and Enix (founded in 1975). Its subsidiaries include Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics, and IO Interactive. Square Enix made a profit of about $10 million US last year on a revenue of almost $1 billion US. Square Enix has over 3,000 full-time employees and is considered one of the biggest names in Japanese gaming. It produced the Japanese localizations of the Call of Duty series, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and many other games. Final Fantasy To be perfectly blunt, Square used to be awful. It produced such atrocities as "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Mystery Quest." Final Fantasy Square is bad.
Really bad. It's going broke. The head of Square decides to release one last game: a fantasy RPG epic. Final Fantasy saved the company, spawning one of gaming's most iconic and profitable series. 2 4 5 Today, the Final Fantasy game series has sold over 100 million copies. In saving Square, it also permitted the creation of numerous other games, such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Produced by Eidos Montreal), Kingdom Hearts, and the Thief series. However, Square Enix's central IP is still the Final Fantasy series. Square Enix also develops some of the intellectual properties held by Square at the time of their merger, most notably the Dragon Quest series. Business Model The Square Enix business model revolves around developing a successful intellectual property (for example, the Fullmetal Alchemist series, or, of course, Final Fantasy) and reaching as many markets as possible with that intellectual property. Although they have licensed the game engines of other companies (most notably the Squirrel engine for Wii-ware), Square Enix has historically focused on developing proprietary engines with multi-platform support to expand their market. Not only does every single modern video-game platform support at least one Final Fantasy game, Square Enix also produced two TV shows, two movies, and three radio dramas around the series. Business Model, cont'd Square's business model typical focuses around initial sales: most of its products are video games with a minor or nonexistent online component. However, it has released several subscription-based games, most notably Final Fantasy IX. Notable Games Square Enix is constantly experimenting with new gameplay mechanics. They have developed tactical turn-based RPGs (Final Fantasy: Tactics), real-time strategy games (Final Fantasy: Revenant Wings), action RPGs (Kingdom Hearts I and II), and, of course, their traditional turn-based RPGs (FFI-XIII). Strengths of Square Enix Square Enix is well-known for producing well-polished games: bugs, difficult interfaces and the like are almost unheard-of. One of the reasons for Square Enix's popularity is its focus on both accessible stories and relatively deep gameplay mechanics, making its RPGs appeal to both young and old gamers. Criticisms of Square Enix Among other criticisms, many have accused Square Enix of "dumbing down" their characters in an effort to appeal to younger audiences. In particular, the protagonists of FFVII, FFVII: Crisis Core, and FFXII have suffered from PHOOPS, or Pointy-Haired Obnoxious Optimistic Protagonist Syndrome. There have also been complaints that the games have become boring and there is little new material in each one. These criticisms have been partly vindicated by news that the protagonist of FFXII was changed from a middle-aged nobleman to a young street urchin to appeal to youths. Company Structure Square Enix is a very large corporation, headed by a board of directors. These directors have no involvement with individual projects but rather make policy decisions. More detailed information is difficult to come by, but one can assume that individual projects are handled by project heads, who make specific decisions about their individual project. No one project team is larger than about 200 employees. FFXII: Revenant Wings Revenant Wings is the aforementioned RTS produced as a sequel to Final Fantasy XII. As I said before, the protagonist suffers from PHOOPS, but it's still an entertaining game.

Remember, kids. Using emulators is piracy and piracy is stealing and stealing is wrong. That said, I'm going to use an emulator to show you guys Revenant Wings. That's it and that's all!
Any questions?
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