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Time Management and Study tips

A couple time management and study tips that Jackie and I compiled.

Alec Snavely

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Time Management and Study tips

Time Management and Study Tips
Need vs. Want
TIP #1
TIP #2
TIP #3
Saying "No"
TIP #4
Knowing your

TIP #5
Down Time
TIP #6
There is no
to manage your time correctly.
Figure out what you
to do
...and figure out what you
to do.
Example: I
to do homework and I
to play Pokemon.

You don’t actually need to play pokemon (though I wish is did); you won’t die from not playing it.
You actually need to pass your class and do your homework.
with your time.
Ex: Your friend from USC tells you that s/he is going to come down in a week to visit.

You know you have a paper due next week, but you really want to hang out with your friend. Instead of saving it till next week, you work hard to finish it this week, sacrificing time with Irvine friends for time with your friend from SC
EX: I have to do a lab report, some math problems, and reading; The reading is due in 3 days, the math is due in 2, and the lab report is due tomorrow.

Solution will vary per person (easy=warm up, or easy=cool down), but make sure to arrange accordingly
Figure out what goes
in the order of your day to day list, and plan your time from there.
It is extremely hard to say "
" But think of what may happen in the alternative.
EX: Jack has been invited to a party on Wednesday, Thursday, and a kickback on Friday.

To finish the paper that is due on Friday evening , he needs to know what to say “no” to.

Otherwise, his grades will suffer, and soon the college will be telling him “no.”
No one can go 100% everyday or can take on 18 units; you get tired very fast. Figure out what you can handle
, so you’re not overwhelmed
, when it really counts.
EX: Alec takes 25 units one quarter and barely passes his classes. He thinks he can take 22 units the next quarter, but he soon realizes that he is too burnt out and he fails one of his classes.
If waiting on the bus, or walking to class, or waiting for someone, or whatever, and you find yourself with little to nothing to do, use this time to study.
You could use this time to go on social media sites, but let’s face it, you’ll be on those anyways after whatever it is you’re waiting for.
Ex: You're on the standard 10-15 minute bus ride from Mesa Court to the Arc.

If this time is used correctly, you can go through 10+ flash cards or read half of that article your professor sent you, saving the other half for the ride back.
use different colors, pens, highlighters, etc, to make these work.

mark down big events so you know what you’re already committed to. Use physical or electronic--Whatever works for you.

use the Notes or Calendar applications to have your plan on the go.

use this website to get a feeling of when you’ll be busy.
Website Blockers:
applications and how-tos that blocks websites.
Firefox: LeechBlock
Chrome: Strict Workflow
Time yourself:
Give yourself an hour or two of study time, then 10-15 min. of fun time. Repeat.
Tell your friends “Here’s my password. Change it for me, and don’t tell me what it is until XX day no matter what I say or beg.”
There is no
to study correctly
Study Methods
1.Read, Lecture, Read

2.Do actual problems along with additional problems

3.Highlight, underline, flashcards

4. Split time up, 1 hour reading, 10 minutes rolling on the ground.

5. Study throughout the week and not just Sunday.
My Way: Review my notes at the end of the quarter, and then write down all the important information again. It makes things clearer for me and helps me see what I actually do know and what I don’t know.

Friend: Print out readings and highlight/underline the important information.
Study Spots
There are a lot out there! Try finding your own
Student Center
Mesa Court
Middle Earth
Aldrich Park
Studying in the Dorms
a.You get other people who are in your classes to study with you
b.You can wake up and study immediately, and not have to look presentable and move somewhere.
c.Close to your supplies/room
a.Easily distracted
b.Hey, let’s go to Cha!
c.Your bed is really comfortable
d.Oh someone is marathoning Lost? I’m there!
e.I’m sort of hungry and need a quick study break. Let’s go to commons. 3 hours later…..
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