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Doctor of Physic

No description

Jared Tate

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Doctor of Physic

Another awesome prezi by Jared Tate :) Doctor of Physic Doctor of Physic Thank you for taking this metaphorical journey with me today, my friends :D
(Physician) Characterization Job description An occupation that would be comparable to Medieval doctors is DOs.
DO's methods of practice are holistic and is a concept that upholds all aspects of medicine: psychological, physical, social, and even... spiritual.
Their methods include herbal remedies, spiritual crap, and depend a LOT on the Placebo Effect.
Relation to today's society (I do hope none of you know any DOs and were not offended by my ridiculing of them... If so then I apologize) The doctor is described as having exceptional knowledge of medicine and surgery and being grounded in astronomy The doctor was well-versed in many respectable physicians of all cultures The Physician is one of the best in his profession, for he knows the cause of every malady and can cure most of them. Though the Physician keeps himself in perfect physical health, the narrator calls into question the Physician’s spiritual health: he rarely consults the Bible and has an unhealthy love of financial gain. Described as being donned in blood-red garment slashed with blueish grey and lined with taffeta The physician had essentially the same role in the Middle Ages as they do today; however, new technology and better understanding of medicine has changed the methods of practice The doctor's practice of medicine is very holistic. He uses astrology, horoscopes, herbal remedies, and much of his practice is "faith healing." Doctors in Chaucer's society had similar class ranking to today's doctors. They didn't make bank like most doctors today, but they were still respected and people knew they were important. Doctors then may have had to get their hands a little more dirty, but someone had to do it. PREZIception!!! :O
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