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Nonprofit Journalism: The Role of Philanthropy

A presentation given June 14, 2013, in Topeka to a gathering of the Kansas Grantmakers in Health.

Phil Cauthon

on 4 April 2018

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Transcript of Nonprofit Journalism: The Role of Philanthropy

Nonprofit Journalism:
The Role of Philanthropy

Nonprofit Journalism
Early entrants:

A Growing but Fragile Part of the U.S. News System
• New Pew report: Many nonprofit journalism organizations worry they don’t have sufficient business-side resources.

• Two-thirds are sponsored by other nonprofits — only
one-third are independent.

• Less than one-third of those that received start-up grants
have received follow-on grants.

Jim McLean, Executive Editor, KHI News Service
• Managing Editor, Topeka Capital-Journal
• Statehouse Bureau Chief, Topeka Capital-Journal
• Managing Editor, Kansas Business Report
• News Director, Kansas Public Radio
• Statehouse Bureau Chief, Kansas Public Radio

Jim McLean, Executive Editor, KHI News Service
June 14, 2013

• Newspaper newsrooms have shrunk by more than 30% since 1989

• Reason: Print ad revenues down sharply

• Digital ad gains not keeping pace

• For every $16 in print ad revenue lost, only $1 in digital ad revenue was gained

• Local TV: 40% of “newscasts” filled by weather, sports and traffic reports

• Packaged stories are 33% of newscasts — down 20% since 2005

• One-third of Americans have noticed reduction in story quality and depth

“This adds up to a news industry that is more undermanned
and unprepared to uncover stories, dig deep into emerging ones,
or to question information
put into its hands.”
—Pew Research Center
“One notable change in the construction of the local newscast is a roughly
20% decrease in airtime allotted to packaged stories.”
In 2012, packages accounted for 33% of airtime,
down from 41% in 2005.”
—Pew Research Center

• InsideScience.org,
funded by the
American Institute
of Physics

• The Food and
Reporting Network,
funded by several

• KHI News Service
More recently:
“As the economics of commercial journalism have been upended
and newsrooms have shrunk,
a variety of funders have sponsored nonprofit news operations
to fill perceived information gaps.
The key question is whether these organizations are building
a viable long-term business model.”
—Pew Research Center
“While traditional newsrooms have shrunk
…there are other new players producing content
that could advance citizens’ knowledge about public issues.
They are covering subject areas that
would have once been covered more regularly and deeply
by beat reporters at traditional news outlets –
areas such as health, science and education.”
—Pew Research Center

• Kaiser Health News

• ProPublica
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