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Developing Theme

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Elizabeth Durkee

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Developing Theme

Mimic the Author's Style
Does the author use rhetorical devices like figurative language?

If the author uses a lot of similes or metaphors, for example, then throw one into the piece of the narrative that you write.
Was a theme topic already introduced?
If the protagonist faces a conflict related to a certain theme topic, then you should develop a theme based upon that topic.

For example, if you had to finish Lambert's story, you would want to develop a theme based upon topics of:
Identity issues
Rising to the occasion
Being accepted
Mimic the Author's POV
What is the point of view of the storyteller?
1st person- A character tells the reader the story directly. Using pronouns like "I, we, and us."
3rd person- The narrator is not a character in the story, and uses pronouns like, "he, she, and they."
What do you want for the protagonist?
Give yourself a direction to head by creating the outcome first:
1. What do you want the protagonist's circumstance to be at the end of the story?
2. How do you want the protagonist to be feeling and thinking at the end of the story?
3. Has the protagonist learned or changed anything by the end of the story?
What must the protagonist do?
In order to reach the outcome you want for your protagonist:
1. What must he learn?
2. What changes in attitude or perspective must he make?
Map It Out
Now that you know the direction your protagonist needs to take, create 3 steps or events in the plot that will take him there.
1. What events can occur to teach your protagonist what he needs to know?
2. What events occur to inspire your protagonist to have a change in attitude or perspective?
3. Choose only 3 to 4 events in order to be mindful of time.
Keep It Simple
Make sure that each event you write in your piece of the narrative leads directly to the outcome you planned.

Make sure that by the end of your narrative, that there is a clear opinionated message that has been sent- your THEME :)
Developing Theme
Super Duper Bonus
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