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Update Working Group

No description

Alexandre Narayanin

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Update Working Group

Update Working Group
80th International Session of the EYP in Leipzig
Working Group
Franzi - Academics
Janis - Venues
Laura & Fabian - Fundraising
IT - Christopher
Doro - Board Support

August 2014 - February 2015
Orga meetings in September 2014 and February 2015
Overarching theme: Fundamental Rights in Europe
20 topics and rationales (now submitted to academic council and office for input)
Experthearing concept
Academic blog concept + 6 article authors
All main venues secured (expect for TB, all in walking distance from the accomodation):
: A&O Hostel
: Reclam- Gymnasium
Opening Ceremony
: Nikolaikirche
Committee Work
: office of MEP Krehl (3), Soziokulturelles Zentrum "die Villa" (4), polnisches Institut (1), Europahaus (1), Radio PSR (2), CDU Office (1), Zeitgeschichtliches Forum (2), Hostel (1 - currently as backup, looking for a last room)
: Festsaal of the city hall
General Assembly
: Kongresshalle am Zoo
Homepage online (2.700 page views)
Facebook Page online (1.900 likes)
Motto: From tearing down walls to setting new stones
Current EYP DE Budget: 190.000€ (including 6.000€ contingency and 10.000€ EYP DE office costs)
Secured: 165.922,10€ (87,33%)
Europe for Citizens (EU): 77.500€
German Foreign Office: 50.000€
Konrad Adenauer Foundation: 14.822,10€
A&O Hostel: 7.500€ (discount)
Teachers' participation fees: 12.000€
State Chancellery of Saxony: 3.000€
Saxon Agency for Civic Education: 1.000€
MEP Krehl: 100€

Main Fundraising leads
BMW to sponsor the session or host GA for free (about 20.000€ from current budget) + cars
Deutsche Börse: main partner from IS Frankfurt am Main 2010 (50.000€)
Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt: IS Munich 2013 partner (50.000€)
State Chancellery to increase its support up to 56.000€: Moobak and I went to Dresden on 19.03.15 to pitch the project, official response to be expected by 01.05.
Coca Cola: Sponsoring in kind (13.000 bottles of soft drinks)
Patrons & Speakers
: Lord Mayor of Leipzig Jung (confirmed), Minister President of Saxony Tillich (confirmed), federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier (pending), EU Commissioner Oettinger (pending)
Speakers confirmed
: Jung (OC), Tillich (GA), EU Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis (GA)
Speakers pending
: Schultz (VIP), Merkel (VIP), Hans-Dietrich Genscher (political), Sabine Bergmann-Pohl (political), Lech Wałęsa (topic), Seid al-Hussein (topic), Steinmeier (patron), Oettinger (patron)
Historic relevance
25 years of EYP DE
25 years of German reunification
26 years of Fall of the Wall
1.000 years of first documented mentioning of Leipzig

Unlike other sessions, the
Opening Ceremony
is clearly the main highlight of the session (09.11, day of the Fall of the Wall, in the Nikolaikirche, where the peaceful protests in the former GDR started)
Internal good to know about Leipzig
EYP DE never applied to host the 80th IS of the EYP. When the international Office and the Governing Body realised in Spring 2014 that no NC had applied to host the autumn IS in 2015, they approached EYP DE.
After two successful and fully funded events in cooperation with the German Foreign Office (Weimar 2011 and Berlin 2012) and the visit of the GFO at the autumn IS in Tbilisi 2013, the GFO wanted to fully fund another forum in Leipzig in autumn 2015.

The combination of both factors led the international office and the GB to ask EYP DE to turn the to-be forum into an IS. Back then, the financial support of the GFO was estimated much larger, but after the German legislative elections in September 2013, Steinmeier restructured the entire GFO and our contact person from Tbilisi 2013 was no longer in charge of the EYP events and the cooperation with the Schwarzkopf Foundation.

Considering the fact that EYP DE wanted to focus on internal activities after the IS in Munich in spring 2013 and that EYP DE never put together an application for the IS in Leipzig,
the organisational advancement on all levels of the IS in Leipzig is remarkable
. Indeed, by never putting together an application, we, unlike other National Organising Committees (NOC), never had the chance to prepare for the IS. Other NOCs prepare an IS applications for nearly two years before applying and thereby already have clear ideas regarding venues, funding possibilities, programme, academic focus, supporters and partners, etc. Leipzig 2015 started from scratch in March 2014 and what other NOC do in nearly 4,5 years, we have to do in 1,5.
CJO Timeline
Organisers: full German orga team now selected, 3 IOs from IE&UK, FR and CH to join. First orga meeting: 05.-07.06.15, Second meeting: in September 2015

President call: 01.-18.05.15
Chairs call: 05.- 22.06.15
Journos call: 03.- 20.07.15
CATMAT: 04.-06.09 or 11.-13.09.15

CAT: chairs academic training (mandatory at IS since 2007)
MAT: media academic training (innovation of Leipzig 2015, selection timeline for the media team as already been amended to make the attendance of the media team possible for CATMAT)
What to do with all that money if we get it?
Besides the organisation of MAT, a number of things could become real, should we get around 220.000€:
- after-session meeting with partners and sponsors
- travel reimbursement for participants (including delegates, inclusion aspect of long term strategy of EYP)
- proper merchandising budget (see examples from IS Barcelona 2014)
- proper guests and teachers budget
- proper cultural programme budget
- increasing overhead for EYP DE

A lot of these things have already some money allocated, but should we have more funds available, we could of course increase their amount.
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