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Define your client, define your proposition

Presentation at IFP Branch Meeting

Abbie Tanner

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Define your client, define your proposition

Define your client,
Define your proposition
Join us at our workshop and we'll help you to create, package and present your value proposition
(London, May 14th & 15th)
And one more thing...
“I’ve heard this before”

“That won’t work in my business”

“I don’t have enough time”

“I’m not creative”
Abbie has 14 years' experience providing marketing and business development services to firms in financial and other professional services. She lectured in Marketing and eBusiness at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), while working at AMP and Henderson Global Investors. In the UK, Abbie has supported large and small Financial Planning businesses, whilst consulting to companies such as Invesco, SEI and JPMorgan. Today, she regularly presents at forums on marketing, social media, web strategy and working with professional partners.
Or do you
EAT what you KILL?
Send your negative thoughts packing
Abbie Tanner
Managing Director, A Business Innovation
Author of...
Create your value proposition
Define your ‘ideal client avatar’
Package and present your value proposition for different audiences
Use case studies and testimonials to the greatest impact
Get positioning and placement right
Create a marketing engine for your business
Use strategic alliances to fast-track success
Today we will show you how to:
It's going to be busy
(picture courtesy of Bee Movie)
What is a
value proposition?
Who are you?
Why should I care?
What makes you different?
Marketing Innovation Engine
Your ideal client avatar
What is she most passionate about?
What is her biggest fear?
What keeps her awake at night?
Think demographic & psychographic
Marital status
Where do they hang out?
On the golf course?
Secure speaking spots
Walk in their shoes...
What keeps them awake at night?
Add value to your clients lives, not just through Financial Planning
Host client appreciation events
Marketing to your niche will save you time, energy and money
Write a book (or whitepaper)
Your 10 best clients & their key characteristics
Where did they come from?
(Referral, business acquisition, networking, marketing initiatives)
What do they do?
(List their profession or are they retired?)
Hold old are they?
(Provide an age range if that's easier)
Where are they located?
(Geographical distance from your office)
Micro Niche
"They have a strong corporate culture and you find similar values among key executives... They face common challenges such as stock options, deferred comp, 401(k), incentive compensation, defined benefit plans and restricted stock."
James Heard, CFP®
Windham Brannon Financial Group
Make sure you have a process...
Set-up a Client Advisory Panel
1. Teaser email
2. Save the date or invitation
3. Letter to outline proceedings (request info)
4. 'Stick' email
5. Bespoke presentation (include biographies)
6. Video capture
7. Feedback capture
8. Summary of actions
Customise your messaging
Accountants and solicitors are both professional, but with very different needs
They get approached by ‘IFAs’ all the time - you need to differentiate
One provides a highly transactional service and the other builds long-term, trusted relationships
Both face different regulatory pressures and business challenges
Different ‘triggers’ and opportunities need to be understood and communicated
Create case studies
Client insight
- attention grabbing quote, focus on the client "I was confused. I had pensions and investments scattered all over the place"
Client challenge
- the problem the client is faced with, including their goals and objectives
Client journey
- the steps you took to help them resolve the problem
Client solution
- the solution you implemented, including the tools and resources you used
The benefits
- quantifiable, where possible
The implementation
- how your advice was implemented
The results
- how well did your advice and recommendations solve the client's problem?
Use a process, for consistency
Tactful -
Give a testimonial knowing that the person who requested it would like to show it to others.
Emphasise -

Always highlight the strengths or the good experience you had using the service.
Authentic -

Use photographs or contact details to verify that you really did provide the testimonial.
Short -
Keep it short and sweet. Just write about the most important aspects and come straight to the point.
Engaging -
Provide real life examples and write about how the service or person helped you.
TEASE your Testimonials
Writing your value proposition statement
Your value proposition should be around 10 to 15 words in length and feature as many adjectives as possible
A poor value proposition:
“We help clients plan for their retirement.”

A good value proposition:
“We use a proven five step process to help clients achieve their retirement lifestyle goals.”

A great value proposition:
“We put you in control of your financial future. Over the last ten years, on average, 30-60% of our clients retired earlier than they ever thought possible.”
Value proposition examples
Create a marketing engine
...If it's not in the calendar it won't happen!
Create strategic alliances
No more wasted marketing budget (or effort)
You will generate more enquiries
You will benefit from increased referrals
Your clients will be pre-sold
Your business will become more profitable and ultimately more saleable
Why does all of this matter?
A clearly defined value proposition
Marketing that talks to your prospects in a language they understand
Public speaking, to established audiences
Write articles (yourself, or you'll look lazy) - or a book?
Include your biography, title and photo on EVERYTHING you publish
Create a marketing 'engine' for your business
The keys to success
Get social!
What if she was sitting beside you right now?
Life Coach
Travel agent
Funeral Director
Staff deliver a consistent message
Clients know exactly what they will get (in terms of value, benefits, costs)
Professional connections immediately see the benefit of working in partnership
Revenue is more predictable, the business is more profitable and ultimately more saleable
Focus on what the client or professional connection will get (i.e. the
Use colourful words to grab attention and achieve
‘verbal opt-in’
Show that you
the needs of your target audience
Become the core of your business, reflected in
you do
Placement is important
For more information visit www.abusinessinnovation.com
Or join us at our 2 Day Workshop on May 14th
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