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First Impressions in the Business World

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on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of First Impressions in the Business World

First Impressions in the Business World
First impressions are always important. Not only is it the first time you meet someone, but your first chance to let it be known what kind of person you are.
What it should look like
Why are they important?
First impressions are the most important when meeting somebody because you either gain from it or lose from it. The air you give off to others stays after the first time you meet them and it is essential to get it right. Research conducted at a university showed that when students paired up (same gender), the ones who marked that the impression was good were found to sit by each other during classes and talk, unlike the bad ones who barely showed any interaction. This being said, this is an example of what that first meeting can do, especially if you're trying to get a job. When meeting somebody, it only takes a few minutes for them, and you, to decide what kind of relationship is in store for you two. From the same research information taken in the university, it showed that the students who only talked for three minutes had just as strong a relationship as those who talked for ten minutes. So even the tiniest glimpse of an impression can determine long term areas. No matter what, first impressions are key to any duo or group.
You always want to make a great first impression. This especially implies in the business world, which is essential in life. Also, it helps people take a liking to you, which can gain you close relationships. Finally, always try your best to impress.
How it affects business
The most important reason to make a great first impression is business. In business, first impressions are crucial. If you don't give off a good impression, your work life could be in jeopardy. You want your boss, and coworkers, to like you and let your work life be easier. Also, interviews are where you want the best area to be. If the interviewer doesn't like you, there is a higher chance you wont be hired. Companies want employees who can be professional in business, so you want to be the ideal person. No matter what, in any business field you want to be wanted.


By: Megan Ruff
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