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Positive Framing

No description

on 25 July 2016

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Transcript of Positive Framing

Positive Framing
"Narrate the world you want your students to see"

Positive Framing
"Make corrections consistently and positively.
Narrate the world you want your scholars to see
even while you are relentlessly improving it."
The 6 Aspects of Positive Framing
How does framing shape attitude?
1. Live In
The Now
2. Assume
3. Allow
4. Build
the Positive
5. Pose
6. Talk
and Aspirations
the Best
What Do You See?
And What's the Affect?
What does Emily say to her scholars that provides
a picture of what her vision is for her classroom and scholars?
Group Challenge 1: Jigsaw Activity
Quick summary
Best example!
Positive Framing Re-Write

In each group, participants will rotate roles. One person will be the "teacher", one will be the "coach", and everyone else will be the "scholars".

How it works...
A teacher teaches, the coach will use the feedback sheet to give feedback, and then that teacher will re-teach, implementing the feedback. The scholar showing the behavior will comply when given redirection from teacher.

Close Out Questions

Re-write the statements using positive framing. Add context to the situations as needed.

What emotions did the video elicit? Do they elicit conflicting messages? If so, Why?

Can the framing of the message impact participation in the political process?

How can we connect this to the classroom process?
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