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Bourbon Triumvirate

No description

Trevor Woody

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Bourbon Triumvirate

The Bourbon Triumvirate The Bourbon Triumvirate was a collective term referring to 3 political authorities in Georgia. Their goals were to preserve the old south ways while industrializing the south to be more sophisticated like the North They believed in white supremacy. They were put in power after the civil war to help resolve hardships in the south. Joseph E. Brown was elected as governor of Georgia because he supported states' rights. He lost supporters because he was one of the people who wanted to agree to follow the reconstruction policies Alfred H. Colquitt fought in the Mexican War and the Civil War. He became a high ranking general in the confederate army. He also served in the Secession Committee when Georgia was deciding to succeed. His political opponents tried to turn voters against him, but they, for the most part failed. He was elected to senate in 1883 and he died in 1894, 3 months after his political partner, Joseph Brown. John B. Gordon was a lieutenant general in the Confederate military. He beat Alexander Stephens to be Georgia's Us senator in 1886. He reduced a lot of Georgia's debt. He also implemented more industry into Georgia.
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