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Rutherford B. Hayes

No description

destiny holdridge

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes Rud, or better known as Rutherford was born October 4, 1822. He died January 17, 1893. They had 8 children together. Webb Hayes
Manning Force Hayes
Birchard Austin Hayes
Scott Russell Hayes
Fanny Hayes
George Crook Hayes
Joseph Thompson Hayes
Rutherford Platt Hayes Rutherford refused to run for a second term. He had 4,036,000 popular votes, and had 185 electoral votes.

Rutherford lost popular votes to Samuel Tilden.
William Wheeler was Vice President while Rutherford was in office.

Secretary of State
William M. Evarts (1877-81)
Secretary of the Treasury
John Sherman (1877-81)
Secretary of War
George W. McCrary (1877-79)
Alexander Ramsey (1879-81)
Attorney General
Charles Devens (1877-81)
Postmaster General
David M. Key (1877-80)
Horace Maynard (1880-81)
Secretary of the Navy
Richard W. Thompson (1877-80)
Nathan Goff, Jr. (1881)
Secretary of the Interior
Carl Schurz (1877-81) Cabinet Rutherford married Lucy Webb on December 30, 1852
Of the five presidents who served in the Civil War, Hayes was the only one to be wounded.

Arriving in San Francisco on September 8, 1880, Hayes became the first president to visit the West Coast while in office.

Hayes was the first president to graduate from law school.

Mrs. Hayes was known as "Lemonade Lucy" because she refused to serve alcohol in the White House.

Lucy Hayes was the first First Lady to have graduated from college.

He won the presidency by only one electorial vote.

He signed the act that permitted women to plead before the Supreme Court.

The first White House telephone was installed, by Alexander Graham Bell himself, during the Hayes administration.

The first Easter egg roll on the White House lawn was conducted by Hayes and his wife. Religion: No formal affiliation

Education: Graduated from Kenyon College (1842) and Harvard Law School (1845)

Occupation: Lawyer

Political Party: Republican Member of U.S. House of Representatives, 1865-67

Governor of Ohio, 1868-72

Governor of Ohio, 1876-77
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