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Paul Frament

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Lenovo

Question 2
-Describe Lenovo‘s organizational culture. What are the characteristics of Lenovo’s culture?

-How does the culture help Lenovo achieve its international goals?
International Strategy
-What is the nature of Lenovo’s international strategy?

-Is the firm’s strategy primarily multi-domestic or global?

-What advantages does Lenovo derive from the particular international strategy(s) that it pursues?
Question 1
-What is Strategy?
-How does Lenovo use strategy to succeed in the global marketplace?
-What strategies does Lenovo employ to maximize company efficieny and flexibility?
-What does Lenovo management do to faster organzitonal learning?
Pressures of Global Integration
Lenovo's Social Responsibility
Lenovo Way
- "
We do what we say and we own what we do
Goal: Become the leading personal technology company in the world.
Company Overview
Formed in 1984 by Lui Chuanzhi
Current CEO: Yuanqing Yang
Name changed from New Technology Developer Inc. to Legend Holdings in 1988 to Lenovo in 2004
$34 billion personal technology company selling PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc
46,000 employees in over 60 countries serving customers in over 160 countries
Headquarter in Beijing,China and Morrisville,NC
Succeed In Global Marketplace
-Known for hiring people from all over the global with international experience

-Each employee has ability to succeed and grow from within.

-Well trained that they can compete against rival competitor's and be dominant in the PC world.
Spencer Bluni
Yasmel Cortes
Paul Frament
Christopher Jones
Shaunnah Mahoney
Daniel Perez

-A method or plan chosen to ring about desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem

-Helps you to achieve a competitive advantage in your market and have clear objectives

-Important to have a good strategy when trying a compete in a global competitive market place

-Strategy's help to make use of the firm's resources while being effective and efficient

-It is one of the most important things a company can have in order to succeed and accomplish all their goals

-Global Strategy Company, reaching all markets

Commitment to quality and safety
Received ISO 9001 Certification (International Organization for Standardization)
Focused from manufacturing through disposal
Reducing their environmental impact
Four main environmental objectives:

Prevention of Pollution
Product Environmental Leadership
Continual Improvement
Global Supply Chain
Responsible & active corporate citizen
Focus on Employee Welfare
Committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment
Member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)
Received OHSAS 18001 Certification at all locations
Maintaining high ethical standards
Promotes employees to behave as ethically as the company
Reporting fraud
Respecting intellectual property rights
Company Efficiency
Company Flexibility
Organizational Learning
-Recently,Lenovo has gained organizational learning through many merger's and acquisitions

-2005, Acquired IBM"s personal computer business

-2011, Joined a joint venture with NEC

-2011, Acquired german manufacturing company Medion

-2012, Acquried brazil based electronics company Digibras

-2012, Acquired United States based software company Stoneware

-2014, Acquired part of Motorola from Google
-R & D is big part of Global Strategy
-Close to equal amount of Chinese and Americans in top management

-Strategy of using key spokesman's and celebrity's such as Kobe Bryant and Ashton Kutcher
-Lenovo focuses it's manufacturing in
Produce in low cost countries in order to gain efficiency
-Cutting costs and saving money
-Develop economies of scale
-Cheap Labor
-Make money in advance economies and emerging markets
-Employee's create efficiency by being best for the job and compete globally
-R & D research to help keep their products always up to date and innovated

-Ability to make internal changes to respond effectively to the changing outward environment
-Management is focusing on keeping a close eye on keeping maunfactuing costs low.
-Seek cost reduction through economies of scale
1. Headquarters in China make for cheap production and R&D costs

-Capitalize on consumer trends and Universal needs
1. Have a variety of products
2. Serve customers in over 160 countries

-Take advantage of media with cross national reach
1. Big on twitter and facebook
2. TV Commercials

-Sense and Respond to Global Competitors
1. Main Global competitors are HP and Dell
2. Lenovo Has headquarters and research centers in different countries like the U.S., China, and Japan unlike the other competitors
3. Has been successful in beating global competitors in countries like China and Japan and is rapidly growing in the U.S.
5 P's
• We PLAN before we pledge.
• We PERFORM as we promise.
• We PRIORITIZE the company first.
• We PRACTICE improving every day.
• We PIONEER new ideas.

Core Values
• Customer Service
• Innovative and Entrepreneurial Spirit
• Accuracy and Truth-seeking
• Trustworthiness and Integrity

Vision and Working language

Pressures of Local Responsiveness
-Adjust to cultural differences
1.U.S. Marketing strategies differ from chinese marketing strategies due to cultural differences
2.Official language is English

-Cater to local consumer needs
1. Lenovo shops all throughout China
2. Sale of Lenovo smartphones in Asian market (India,China, etc)

-Respond to Local Competition
1.Acquisition of IBM to become a bigger force in the PC industry
2.Acquisition of motorolla to enter the very competative U.S. smartphone market
3.Lenovo is the official laptop sponsor for the NFL

-Diversity: One of Lenovo's greatest strenghs

-Unique polycentric business

"We are proud of our commitment to diversity and value the way it is driving our success as a next-generation technology company.”

Yolanda Lee Conyers
Chief Diversity Officer
Lenovo is Global
-Red “Wedding computers” in China

Well… that isn’t global, but...
-Standardized computers globally,
with the exception of language on keyboards and in software
standardized parts to fit any model
even a standardized website (again, exception of language)

-Global marketing campaigns
“For Those Who Do”, worldwide slogan
Olympic Sponsorship
Global Local
-Lenovo’s expansion success stems from the aggression with which they enter new markets.

-An example of their aggressive penetration to new markets: IBM and Motorola

-vertical integration allows investment in local manufacturing, R&D, sales and distribution

-33,000 employees in more than 60 countries (serving 160 countries)

-roots deep into where they are, Lenovo can influence there as well as from there

Global Strategy
This global strategy achieves one of any business’ primary goals as well as speaks to the spirit of the company.

-standardized parts and models = keeps production costs low and facilitates manufacturing

-global marketing expresses and fosters global spirit, but at the same time focuses on local marketing too

-with their integration being so deep in the places they are located with so many employees and so many functions (vertical integration), Lenovo can influence the markets it is in, as well as be influenced by them

Global Strategy: A global strategy focuses on keeping products and business strategies the same across all countries they are within to have favorable economies of scale

Multi-Domestic Strategy: Allows local headquarters to have much more control over their products and business strategies and the cost of economies of scale in order to have higher local responsiveness
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