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Cristina Garcia

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Bifidobacterium HIV HIV is a virus which attacks the
T-cells in your immune system and
many times ends up destroying it. (Bad)
In many cases it leads to the
medical condition AIDS. (Bad)
It can be transmitted through sexual,
perinatal, and blood transmition.
RATE: 1 HIV Microbe Bacteria found in many contamined
food such as eggs, meat, ,milk...
It can cause an illness with symptoms like diahrea, fever, etc. and it can be killed by cooking. (Bad)
RATE:3 Salmonella Yeast Microbe Fungi found in the environment that has the ability to make bread or many alcoholic drinks
when treated correctly. (Good)
RATE: 4 HPV Virus that is capable of infecting
humans on their skin and mucous
membranes. It may cause warts. (Bad)
It is mostly transmited sexually.
RATE: 2 Bacteria found in the gastrointernal tact,
vagina and mouth that promotes good digestion, boosts the immune system, and produces lactic and acetic acid that controls intestinal pH.(Good)
RATE: 5 Cristina García's MICROBE ZOO references: Rotavirus Virus that can cause severe diahrrea
amongst children. It is transmited by
the faecal -oral route. It rarely affects
adults. (Bad)
RATE: 3 Fungi that can be found in the soil around
the world. People can be affected by breathing airborne fungal spores. Sometimes these spores cause symptoms of a lung infection, but others there are no symptoms at all. In people with weakened immune systems, the fungus can spread to other parts of the body and cause serious disease.
RATE: 2 (Bad) C. neoformans cryptococcosis Fungi that grows on the skin surface of many animals, including humans. It can include itching and inflammation. (Bad)
It can be caused by humidity, sweating
or oily skin.
RATE:3 Malassezia Microbe Bacteria found in the stomach that
can cause gastritis, ulcers or nausea.
RATE:2 Virus that causes the disease polio.
It only affects humans and is common
during hot seasons. It is transmited
by contact. It usually has no symptoms.
(Bad) RATE: 2 Poliovirus Helicobacter Pylori WELCOME TO
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