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Softball Clinic

Summer 13 Rules Clinic

Ashley Lax

on 8 June 2017

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Transcript of Softball Clinic

Rules and more rules
Field and dead ball areas
Starting the game
Players and line-ups
Batting order
Co-Rec specific
Softball Specific Play
CoRec Specific Play
Bases are 65ft away

Pitcher's plate is 50ft from home plate

Mat behind home plate is extension of strike zone
Dead Ball Areas
Currently no home run fence
Play will be considered dead if ball interferes with play on other field
If defensive player collides with a participant on another field in pursuit of a batted ball, two bases will be awarded to the runner
If the ball is thrown out of play, the runner will be awarded two bases from when the ball is released
Must have 7, 10 make a full lineup
Late players will fill 8,9 & 10
Team can bat 11, late players cannot be 11th
Players can be withdrawn from lineup and reenter once, must be in same spot
If team bats 11, must bat 11 all game or take outs
If team bats 7 or 9, they will take an out immediately following the last batter
CoRec Specific
Lineup must alternate male/female or female/male
Out will be taken for any male-male or female-female batting lineup
Can bat 8, 10 or 12
Infield fly rule
Obstruction vs Interference
Fake tags
2/3 home rule
Summer Softball Clinic
Meet the Staff
Officiating Duties
Front line of program
Tricky stuff
Competitive Sports Department presents


Nightly set up


Station work

Playing and working
Stewards of the game
Game Management
Nightly set up
Captain's meeting
During game
Post game
Base runners
Additional Rules
Pivot foot must remain on pitcher's plate
Ball must reach 6' to 12' at highest point
Quick pitches are illegal pitches
Pitcher has 20 seconds to pitch
Must be one continuous motion with only one backward and one forward motion
Strikes will be called for any ball that touches ANY part of the plate, the mat behind the plate, or any foul ball
Batters start with a 1-1 count, allowed one free foul ball with 2 strikes
Batter must remain in batter's box; if a batter steps outside of the box or on home plate, they are declared out
No bunting or chop swings allowed
Runners must use safety bag on 1st base and pitching mat at home
Sliding is permitted at own risk
Leading off is NOT permitted
If a runner travels 2/3 of the way to home plate, they must go all the way to home plate and it is considered a force out
Last out will replace injured runners
Any base runner that intentionally runs into a defensive player having possession of the ball will be declared out and disqualified from the remainder of the game (Interference)
Overthrown balls will have a two base penalty
Batting order
Must be male-female alternating order
Courtesy runners must be of the same sex as the base runner they are replacing
If a male is intentionally walked or receives base on balls, he gets 1st and 2nd base and the female must bat unless there are 2 outs, for which she gets the option of batting or walking (unless next batter is an out due to hole in line up)
200 ft rule
When a female is batting, the outfield players must remain behind the 200 ft line until the ball is hit
If this rule is broken, the batter is awarded 1st base or the result of the play
Fielding position
Must have 2 females and 2 males in the infield and outfield
Pitcher-catcher combo must be male-female
Teams that are shorthanded must have 1 and no more than 2 females and males in both the infield and outfield

Infield Fly Rule
Need to have:
Runners on 1st and 2nd or bases loaded
Less than two outs
Fly ball in the infield
Base Ump makes the call
Batter is Out
Runners run at own risk
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