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Special Effects Makeup Artist

No description

Jessica Johnson

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Special Effects Makeup Artist

Special Effects Makeup Artist
What they do
What special effects make up artist do is create characters that are abnormal or are not of this world. they could make aliens, monsters, bloody gory messes, and anything you can imagine.
Education and Training
Minimum: $16,050
Maximum: $80,630
Average: $39020
Job Skills, Talents, and Experience
Since this is an art you need an eye for color, you need to be artistically inclined, have a positive and motivating attitude, and people skills. You must know how to communicate with people so you can create the proper makeup for them.
Benefits and Health Factors
Most makeup artist are self employed so they don't have a company providing them with insurance. Health and Safety issues are that some molds of your pieces can get big and could smash you hand. Paints also give of gaseous fumes which could affect your breathing.
Employment and Typical Day
This field of work is said to rise 16% from 2010-2020. But the need for this job depends on movies, commercials, theatrics, and anything else that is being preformed.
California: $75,870(max) $50,000(min)
New York: $77,420(max) $54,000(min)

By Jessica Johnson
There is no special training required but a cosmetology degree or theatrical makeup background is ideal. Also being an intern to a professional can help you. To go to cosmetology school you would need a GED, be at least 16, and take 1500-2100 hours.
What can affect your earnings is of course where you live and what their demand for this skill is. Most of these artist will go and live near towns that make movies or productions such as New York and California.
You need to purchase makeup kits, prosthesis, glues, paint, molds, mannequins, ect. This could get pretty costly.
The typical day of a makeup artist consist of sculpting, molding, cleaning and painting prosthetics. Since most are self employed, they can make up their own hours or go by whoever is hiring them for a project.
This project has taught me that a lot of hours go into this job and the pay could be worth it. I however want a steadier job that has hours, health benefits, and isn't based off of what is selling
Key Terms
To create a prosthetic you could either go buy one from a Halloween store or create you own. To create your own you could use liquid latex, face and scar wax, and other simple items. However to create a full character, many artist will sculpt their own character.
The Process
First artist take a mannequin of their model and create a sculpture of their creature. It could be a face, cowl, chest, back, arms, or legs. Then they go through a process of creating a negative of the mold so they can fill it with foam or foam latex. This process takes at least 30 hours to complete but longer if you want to make a really good prosthetic.
Prosthetic- the actual appliance you apply to your body
Latex- a type of medium that you use to blend edges of the prosthetic or you can make it out of a latex mixture
Mold- how you create your prosthetic
Edges- the edge of a prosthetic that is suppose to blend onto your face
Spirit gum, liquid latex, face and scar wax- All of these can be used by anyone to create at home prosthetic.
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