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Second Grade Open House WCES

No description

Chelsea Howland

on 10 September 2018

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Transcript of Second Grade Open House WCES

in a second grader's shoes
Let's take a walk
You have signed in on the clipboard. Include a current email address.

Request a conference, if necessary.

Please join PTA to support our classroom if you haven’t done so already.
Please make sure…
We follow the
Florida Standards
in Reading-Language Arts, and Math.

Florida follows the
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
for Science and Social Studies.

Welcome Parents
Our goals for Open House:
To help you understand the expectations of the 2nd grade Florida Standards.
To make you familiar with our routines and procedures.
To share information about how you, the parent, can better support your child’s learning.
District lessons, iReady and Go Math will be our resources for math instruction this year.
Topics we will cover include:
place value
addition and subtraction up to 3 digits with regrouping
telling time to 5 minutes
geometry and fractions
counting money
Curriculum Goals
Our Goals

-build relationships with every student and their family
-make learning rigorous and relevant
-challenge scholars to their full potential
-more hands-on learning
-more student-lead lessons
-meet the needs of ALL learners by implementing Best Practices and Highly Effective strategies
WCES Open House

Journey's Series

Various fiction trade books and non-fiction books

Whole group instruction for 40 minutes
Differentiated Small Group for 50 minutes.
*Small group time targets specific student needs.
Incorporated among ALL subject areas
Explain how you know, justify why, tell the steps you used, etc.
Focus on informational and opinion-based writing, in addition to narritive writing

2nd grade expectations:
one paragraph with:
well-elaborated details that describe
transitional words/phrases
Science Fusion
This program uses hands on experiments and activities, and incorporates active reading strategies.
We'll learn about:
Inquiry Skills
Earth Structures
Weather Patterns
Properties of Matter
Forces & Motion
Life Cycles
The Human Body
Social Studies
We will cover:
Citizenship and Government
Native Americans and Pilgrims
Immigration of the Past & Present
Important People in History
Maps and Globes
We will use non-fiction texts, interactive lessons, maps and as many primary resources as possible.

Our Social Studies now has resources available online: Social Studies Weekly.
All second grade students take the following tests and skill checks:
Spelling Skill Check
Grammar/Writing Test
Comprehension Skill Test

Math Skills Check-- (mid-way through a unit)
Math Tests (at completion of each unit)

Science or Social Studies Unit Test (at the end of each unit)
We will assign homework Monday through Thursday.
Homework is designed to be meaningful and relevant and reinforce skills learned in class.
purple spiral notebook


be used for spelling practice. The spelling activity choices can be found in their PAWS binder. Please look in the notebook to find your child's differentiated spelling list each week.
Math practice items will be sent home on some nights and should be returned the following day. Math homework will be differentiated based on the level of understanding shown in class.
Homework that is not turned in on the due date will result in the student filling out a “Missing Homework Think Sheet”, which will go home for you to sign, and should be returned to school the next day, with the completed assignment.
These grades will be averaged to get your child’s grade for the nine week period.
Graded and checked work from the previous week will be sent home in the red Take Home Folder.
Please review behavior and work habits needing improvement. Areas to work on will have a checkmark.

Please sign and return this folder.

Grading Scale
The second grade team grades tests/quizzes in the following way:
90 - 100 = A
80 - 89= B
70 - 79 =C (AVERAGE)
60 - 69= D
50 - 59= F

All other classwork and homework tasks are graded in the following way:
Check Plus--All work is correct
Check--80% or more is correct
Check Minus-- Less than 80% is correct
I-- Work is not complete, please complete and return.
School Wide Expectations
Our school is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with one another.
The expectations for students are:
Practice Safety
Act Responsibly
Will be Kind and
Show Respect
If a student chooses to break a rule…
1st Warning- Verbal
2nd Warning- After the verbal warning the individual teacher will use their classroom discipline system.

If your child reaches
on our classroom behavior plan, they will fill out a behavior think sheet.

Conduct Book
Students will complete a “Think Sheet” for missing homework, and for making poor behavior choices.
Student PAWS Binder
Great organizational tool for you and your student
Promotes responsibility.
Includes homework, reference materials, take home items, and the student planner.
We will use the planners as one form of communication between school and home, including your child’s behavior color for the day.
**Please check and sign daily. This shows students that we are working as a team.**
Tardies &
First bell: 8:35am
Tardy bell: 8:45am

Tardy?? Your child MUST go to the main office to get a pass.
Five tardies equals one unexcused absence.
**Please note that if your child is absent you must send in a note on a SEPARATE sheet of paper to have it excused.

**Please separate absence notes from notes that are directed to special area restrictions. Doctor's notes are needed for PE restrictions lasting longer than one day.
Parents who are interested in volunteering on campus or chaperoning must be ADDitions approved and have a current application on file.

Please visit
to complete these forms.

Please be sure you apply and click, "General Volunteer" in order to be able to help in class.

Chaperone opportunities will be posted online before field trips. You will have to log back in to attach yourself to one.

We can't do it without you!
Let’s have a great year! Thank you all for attending Open House!
Questions, Comments?

Use a sticky note to post anonomously on our whiteboard. We will compile an Open House follow-up email to send to all 2nd grade parents in the next few days.
Accessing Online Resources
I'm going to login as a student to show you how you can access our textbooks, iReady, Brainpop, Typing Club and more from home.

Visit: www.launch.ocps.net

Username and password are your child's student number, and birthday in the form yyyymmdd
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