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Hazardous Waste Planners

No description

Eric Li

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Hazardous Waste Planners

Room 331
Period 1
Geographical Knowledge:
Hazardous waste planner must be able to use testing equipment and computers to collect and analyze data as well as GIS to plan disposal sites.
Hazardous waste planners must use their knowledge of geography to determine if a disposal site is safe enough, large enough for a proper disposal facility, far enough from populated areas, etc...
Education: To become a hazardous waste planner, you must have at least two years of post secondary education in a program related to the environment. Some employers might also require you to have a masters degree in a field relating to the environment or hazardous waste.
Abilities: To be a hazardous waste planner, you must be :

-Familiar with physical and human geography in the region
-Familiar with safety regulations like WHMIS
-Able to operate materials testing equipment
-Able to use computers to analyze and organize data
-Able to interpret the collected data

Job Info
Hazardous Waste Planning
By J.Andy Soesilo and Stephanie Wilson
Hazardous Waste Planners
The Professional Life of
By: Eric LI
Application of Technology and Geographical knowledge
Job Description
Source #1
Source #2
Source #3
A hazardous waste planner must be:

-Dedicated to public and environmental safety
-Quick to respond to unsafe conditions
-Able to work with all crew members
-Able to understand others
-Able facilitate rules and regulations
-Able to keep a high standard of hygiene and safety
Social Skills and Personal Characteristics
Hazardous waste planners are in charge of planning the disposal of hazardous waste like chemicals that are harmful to the environment and other waste created by humans. They ensure the waste is disposed of in a safe place where it will cause minimal damage to people and the environment. They have many responsibilities which I will talk about in the next slide including checking on the workers and making sure they aren't doing things like this.
Responsibilities of a hazardous waste planner include:

-Inspecting areas contaminated with hazardous waste
-Collecting and organizing data on the waste
-Classifying the waste
-Planning the disposal of hazardous materials (time and location)
-Managing the shipment of hazardous materials
-Overseeing the disposal of hazardous waste
-Ensuring the waste is disposed of properly
-Monitoring hygiene during the disposal operation to prevent damage to people and the environment

The average salary for a hazardous waste planner in Alberta is around $70 000 a year ($37.10 per hour) but can range from
$60 000 to $120 000 based on factors like years of experience.
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