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The Hidden Girl

No description

Emily Evett

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of The Hidden Girl

The Hidden Girl
Written By Lola Rein Kaufman
By Emily Evett Setting
The book
takes placCzortkowe in Czortkow. Czortkow is a small town in Poland. Czortkow is populated with many Jewish families. Czortkow is the main character Lola's home town. Setting The story takes place in in a small town in Poland called Czortow. Czortow is the home town of the main character Lola. It is also populated with many Jewish families. Characters Lola, Lola's Mother, Lola's Father, Lola's Grandmother, Lola's Grandfather, and Uncle Itch. Lola is the main character in this book. In the beginning of the book Lola is about five years old. She is very confused about what is going on in the world around her. she wonders why people think Jews are a diseased race. Exposition The story begins with a bright autumn day in Czortkow. A little five year old Jewish girl is admiring the new embroidered dress her mother made for her. Rising Action Her home in Poland is captured by Germany and the people there are under their control. Hitler first gathers the Jews in a ghetto for Jews only. Then takes them to camps. If not fit enough they are executed. Lola's mother and father are killed. Lola is sent to live with her grandmother. All she has left is her embroidered dress. Climax The turning point in the story is when Lola finally settles down with her uncle. Her uncle then raises her. Falling Action Lola's grandmother sends her to a lady's house that has promised to watch her. That lady could no longer fulfill her promise, so she sends her to a barn near by. There she hides underground with a family. Resolution The solution is the Germans lose the war and the Jews are safe from Hitler. Lola gets married and lives in New York where all are safe and free. She still has flashbacks from her scary childhood, but is now leading a happier life. I learned that seven million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Also that many Jews went into hiding. Some hid underground, like Lola. I really liked that this book was really interesting, but also real and factual. I would recommend this book because it has a lot of details about the Holocaust. It also is a true story, so it makes it more interesting to know that this really did happen. This is a remarkable book.
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