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The motorcycle diaries

No description

Kirsten Fowler

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of The motorcycle diaries

Discovery Breakdown
What have we looked at so far?
stimulator of discovery within the text so far

Guevara's journey is stimulated by a desire to break free form society

Guevara's discoveries are triggered by accidents and interaction with people

Discoveries withing the text so far:
Retrospective Che is experiencing his youth whilst editing, causing him to rediscover his journey again, portraying moments when he had discovered the true nature of communism
Impacts of discovery within:
Guevara becomes a communism later in life
Through the memoir, Guevara is compassionate about South America becoming unified.
Through exposure to new cultures, Guevara is oen to different ways in life.
Through the time he has spent on Leper Colony, Guevara learns more about the needs of human race
We realise that Guevara will become an international symbol for rebelion and anto-establishment as he works toward establishing a communist state.

Discoveries through the text
We learn more about Guevara's character and life. we discover the 'real' Che before he becomes historically significant
We also discover turning points for communism throughout Che's life
Discover that Che is a member for the
although he admits it
We are presented to Che's racism and carelessness as a young youth
Also discover the impact of hindsight in his life. Through the diary entries we struggle to differentiate the different characters of Che. We pinpoint his conversion to communism and doubt if some of his stories are true.
Text type and Narrative style
The text type is a
(collection of diary entries)
It has two narrators:
1. Che Guevara in his youth
2. Che Guevara when he is older, political leader who edits the work
The motorcycle diaries
Young Che experiences an array of discoveries and as a outcome, his journey results in self discoevry causing his life to change forvever
DE19 portrays Che meeting communist couples which was a starting point to realise the truths about communism
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