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Lindsey B.

on 8 May 2013

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There are many major landforms and bodies of water in the New England colonies. Some examples are, part of the Appalachian Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, the Hudson River, Cape Cod and the Catskill Mountains. Major Landforms and Bodies of Water People colonized up North in the New England area and not around Jamestown for a few reasons. The first was spiritual, they were tired of the English religious laws and wanted their own. Also, the soil up North was good for growing all the different crops they brought, except wheat. Where and Why Region Colonized Significant Leaders and Their Accomplishments There were many significant leaders in New England. Two very special people were George Washington and Paul Revere. Revere was a silversmith and a political leader. He was also a soldier and participated in the Boston Tea Party. Mostly, he is famous because of his midnight ride to warn the people that the British were coming. George Washington signed the Deceleration of Independence and was a general in the Revolutionary War. After the war, he was the first President of the United States. Major Natural Resources There were numerous resources available for the colonists. Some of which, were fish, whales, trees, fur, and barley. The fish, barley, and whales were used for food and assorted oils. The fur kept them warm during the harsh winters, and the trees were used for everything from houses to boats. By Lindsey, Alexis, and Mifflin New England Colonies Sources of Income There were many sources of income in New England. They built grain mills and saw mills. They also had excellent harbors for fishing and ship building. Forests provided lumber for building. They also had an abundance of fur and crops that they traded.
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