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Topic: Theme Park Design

No description

Candice Leung

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Topic: Theme Park Design

Group members:
Cheng Vickie
Fung Wing Ki, Vicky
Leung Candice
Tsang Hiu Tung, Din
Wong Wing Lam, Cindy
The world largest ocean-themed park in Asia
Should utilize competitive advantages:

, many criticisms in:
Living environment of animals, water & safety management, selection of construction materials & height of entrance
Should improve these aspects
So as to achieve their core value while providing entertainment:
6. Conclusions
1. Objective
Height of entrance
To point out the weaknesses of theme park design

To identify the consequences resulted from the weaknesses

To provide recommendations for improvement

HTM 4116
Theme Parks and Attractions

Presentation Agenda
1. Objectives
2. Introduction of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
3. Weaknesses of theme park design
4. Consequences resulted from the weaknesses
5. Recommendations
6. Conclusion

2. Introduction of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
Officially opened in March 2014
World's largest ocean theme park in Zhuhai (132 hectares)
Mixture of entertainment shows, amusement rides, marine & polar animals exhibitions
Core values: increase public awareness on animal care, conservation & conservation education

1. Ocean Avenue
2. Fun Zone
3. Polar Horizon
4. Amazing Amazon
5. Mt. Walrus
6. Dolphin Cove
7. Ocean Beauty
8. Hengqin Ocean

Living environment of animals
Size of the place
Limited space for the movement of animals
The polar bear just can walk right and left in the same route repeatedly in the exhibit area

Inappropriate room temperature
Temperature of polar bear exhibit is not cold enough
Ice is melting near the glass in which the route the polar bear will walk through

Distance between animals and visitors
Too close, visitors & bears just 2-3 m away
Visitors can attack the bears by long stick

Water management
Water quality
Poor water quality in the tank of manatee exhibits
Full of impurities & fish excrement
Affect cleanliness of the tank glass, low clarity of the marine animals

Thank You!
Q & A Session
Lichen in the tank
Living on the rocks, lying on glass of & on the top of cleaning water pipes
Enhance growing of infectious pathogen
Affect clarity of glass

Safety management
Animals safety
Bears below the feeding point of visitors & no staff supervision
Rubbish / inappropriate materials can be thrown to them
Visitors may throw the food to them rudely

Visitors safety
No fence & staff supervision in front of the dangerous animals
Glass may be broken accidentally
E.g. outdoor piranha tank

Visitors safety
Fence design is not good enough
Children can climb it easily/ pass through it

Selection of construction materials
For watching the whale shark in whale shark aquarium was seriously scratched
Hardly see anything
Wooden table in penguin exhibits was broken
Located in the corridor, everyone have to pass through it

Theme Park Design
in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Entrances & exits of manatee exhibits are much lower than an adult height
People who come out from manatee exhibits need to bend down & hang down their head
People unaware of the height may get hurts

Too small size of living space
The size for living in polar bears exhibits is too small
Limit the mobility of them & restrict the activities of them
Can only repeat the same routes in the same area
May be driven mad from stress and loneliness

8 zones in different theming :
Unsuitable temperature
Too high room temperature in polar bear exhibits is not a favorable environment to polar animals
The polar bear may not capable to live beyond the optimum temperature
May get sick/ even die

Inappropriate location of animal feeding
Bears are too close to the visitors with no effective fence & staff
Affect the safety of visitors and animals

- E.g. visitors may throw something harmful /unsuitable foods rudely
- Bear may attack the visitors to defend itself / get sick due to the inappropriate food

Poor water quality
Many excrement & lichen remain in water tank
Unfavourable environment for marine animals

- May eat the excrement & bacteria -> get sick/ die
Need cleaning water pipe to remove dirty water
- Water pipe roll the manatee -> die from suffocation
Poor cleanliness of glass
Poor clarity of the glassaffect the visibility of visitors
Reduction of travel experience & level of satisfaction of visitors
Increase cost of maintenance

- Require cleaners to clean the glass frequently
Scratch on the glass floor
Serious scratch of the see-through glass on the floor, barely watch the whale shark aquarium
Violate original design for visitors to watch the whale shark through the ground
Totally useless to appear on the ground
Less entertainment & decrease satisfaction level of visitors

Broken wooden furniture
Placed on the corridor of penguin exhibits
Every visitor have to pass through it
Contains sharp edge
Visitors who are unaware of it may easily get hurt by the wooden splinter
Cause danger & safety issue

Insufficient height for entrance
Bend down and hang down their head when exit the manatee exhibits
Difficult to walk through, especially foreigners
People unaware of the height may get hurts
Reduce satisfaction level of visitors
Cause inconvenience

Glass on the ground
Wooden furniture
Size of living environment
Expand the physical area of the living environment of the polar bears
Build extra exhibit zones for polar bears

- Moving excessive polar bears to the additional zones
Reduce the numbers of polar bear in each exhibit area
- Each polar bear can have more space
Water management
Increase the frequency of cleaning time
Increase number of the cleaners to reduce cleaning time required in each session

- Enormous space, competitive ocean theme & diverse species of animals
- Enhance the health & living of the marine animals
- Increase the visibility of water tank glass
- Visitors travel experience & satisfaction level increase

Safety management – animal safety
- Increase public awareness on animal care & conservation, educating young generation
Relocate the feeding area
- Should be well designed for feeding with effective fence
- Or under supervision of staff
- Reduce possibility of visitors to hurt the animals

Safety management – visitors safety
Selection of construction materials
Placing staff standing besides the outdoor water tank
Adding fence in front of dangerous species
- E.g. Piranha
Moving all water tanks into exhibition area instead of outdoor & open area
Careful selection of higher quality construction materials
- E.g. use anti-scratch glass for the see-through glass floor
Conduct regular checks of broken/ damaged materials
Increase the frequency maintenance
Replace the broken/ damaged items frequently
Safety management – visitors safety
Increase the multi-media of instructions to get the attention of the children & stop them from climbing the fence
- E.g. video & announcement
Increase the caution signage alertingthe parents
Redesign the fence in dangerous area,disable children from climbing
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