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Plessy Vs.Ferguson Supreme Court Case

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Cameron Whitt

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Plessy Vs.Ferguson Supreme Court Case

Where did this take place? Plessy vs. Ferguson took place in New Orleans Louisiana. Later on, it took place in the Supreme Court in Washington D.C What does this mean to the U.S.A? What was all this about? Who was involved in the Court Case? The two main people who were involved in this court case were Homer "Adolph" Plessy and Judge John Howard
Ferguson. When did all this happen This court case started when they arrested
Homer Plessy for sitting in an all-white car.
This happened on June 7, 1892. He could pass for a white person but the law considered him black. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court. The case was ended on May 18, 1896. Vs Plessy Ferguson This case is important to the U.S.A because if we still had segregation today then we would have been a separate country. President Obama would not even be known worldwide.We wouldn't have been considered a "good" country today. It would be a lot harder today. So that is why this court case is important to the United States of America. How is all this important to Civics? Homer Plessy Louisiana Supreme Court This court case is important to Civics because it shows how our government was working back then. It made our government how it is today, a place where everyone is equal. So that is why Plessy vs. Ferguson is important to Civics. Common Facts on Plessy! Common Facts on Ferguson All of this started when Homer Plessy wanted to
sit in an all-white railroad car but since he
was colored he had to sit in the colored
car. He refused and he was arrested
for violating a Louisiana Law. He
went to the Louisiana Supr-
eme Court and they dec-
ided him guilty. His
appeal reached
the Supr-
eme Court. June 10 1838
Born in: New Orleans,Louisiana
Parents were: John H. Ferguson& Sarah Davis Luce
Died on: November 12, 1916
(77) Born on: March 17, 1862
Born in: New Orleans,Louisiana
Died on: March 1, 1925 (63) Case Basics Docket No.: 210
Petitioner: Plessy
Respondent: Ferguson
Decided By: Fuller Court (1896-1897)
Opinion: 163 U.S. 537 (1896)
Argued: Monday, April 13, 1896
Decided: Monday, May 18, 1896 Thanks for watching!
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