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Migration and Asylum Policies

No description

Viktória Kovács

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Migration and Asylum Policies

Migration and Asylum Policies
Migration in the EU
What does

What is the difference between

Migration Management
is responsible for the development of policy guidance for the Field.

Migration content:
Labour Market
Student Migration
Migration after the 5th Enlargement
Migration from non-EU countries

Short video connected to Asylum
Multiculturalism in pictures
Asylum seekers and refugees in pictures:
Statistics, diagrams connected to Asylum Policy
- a large proportion immigrants in western European states have come from former eastern bloc states
in the 1990s
(Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy , Portugal, UK.
-large numbers of Poles --- United Kingdom, Ireland
-Romanians, Bulgarians --- Spain, Italy
-serious political tensions between Italy and Romania
other migration trend
: Northern Europeans moving toward Southern Europe
Spain is the most favoured destination for Western Europeans
Common informations:
Multiculturalism relates to communities containing multiple cultures.

Ethnic diversity:
variety of different ethnic groups


"salad bowl"
"cultural mosaic"
"melting pot"

"We recall that what binds this nation together is not the colors of our skin or the tenets of our faith or the origins of our names."

1) What is the definition of ethnic diversity?

2) Can you summon the essence of multiculturalism?

3) Think of the pros/cons of the multiculturalism!
Pros and cons of multiculturalism:
unlimited possibilites
contrasted ideologies
illegal immigration
fear of Europeans that their standard of living will get worse
exchange of experiences
show tolerance and respect
lack of resources in a country for it's basic functionally.
bloody battle
Labour Migration
European Coal and Steel Community
Schengen Agreement
Maastricht Treaty
Current situations:
-28 memberstates
-400 million people/area of 4.312.099 square kilometres

Migration after the 5th Enlargement
- new countries joined to the EU
- huge differences between old and new memberstates
- huge increase in number of immigrant
-worries of the natives: decreasing salaries, losing job, immigrants will seek for benefits
-problems: cultural, higher pressure on immigrants
Student Migration
Asylum policies
lifelong learning
Student dilemma: staying abroad or back home
" I think we need to be realized abroad, but you have to try bring those kills home."
" For a succesful career in perhaps most importantly to be surrounded by the right people and being in the right place.
Immigration (-)
* fewer opportunities
*several problems
*government pays
*population imbalance
*brain drain

Immigration (+)
*new country, new system
*technical development
*new lifestyle
*economic growth

Emigration (-)
*education, labour force
*government loses money
*brain drain

Emigration (+)
*settling down
*improve the economy

I tried to find solutions
- change education system
- better payment
- change way of people thinking
- give more infomations about everything

What about Hungary in the question of migration?
Refugee :
being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group
Asylum seeker:
an asylum-seeker is someone who says he or she is a refugee, but whose claim has not yet been definitively evaluated.
Common European Asylum System: CEAS
1999: EU member states
Aim: tackle the increasing asylum challenges
Dublin Regulation -> individual application
Reception Conditions Directive -> minimum conditions
Asylum Procedures Directive -> contribution to international
Refugee Convention -> 1951
European Refugee Fund -> financial support
Eurodac -> information technology system
Organisations who help:
Hope you enjoyed! :)
Made by: B. Fruzsi and K. Viki
Quiz 2
1, Mention two content of migration!

2, What do you know about Schengen Agreement?

3, Which two countries are popular among Romanians and Bulgarians, if we thinking about immigrants?

Asylum seekers should be allowed to work no later than six months after lodging their application
Persons applying for protection should have the right to
remain in the country where they have requested asylum

pending the outcome of an appeal against a decision to
transfer them to the first Member State they entered
All persons must have effective access to a fair and
efficient asylum procedure.
During mass movements of refugees there is not - and never will be - a capacity to conduct individual asylum interviews for everyone who has crossed the border.
EASO is an agency of the European Union
Plays a key role in the concrete development of the CEAS
Aim of enhancing practical cooperation on asylum matters
Helping Member States fulfill their European obligations
Give protection to people in need
Centre of expertise on asylum
Provides support to Member States Asylum systems
Central European region since 1990
in Budapest since 1989
Regional Representation for Central Europe in Budapest
nowadays Regional Representation for Central Europe covers 7 countries:
Bulgaria,Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia
Quiz 3:
1) Could you mention two reasons refugees should be protected from? (video)
2) Name some of the direcves or regulation connected to CEAS!
3) Mention those organizations who help
asylum seekers!
I wonder what the answer is...
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