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La Toussaint

No description

Christina Leung

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of La Toussaint

By Julia Murray & Christina Leung Why do people celebrate it? What do people do?

Services are held on La Toussaint at special
churches where many Christians go during the celebration. People spend time with their families and their close friends. They also go to cemeteries to visit the graves of their deceased family members and they decorate the graves with many flowers, they usually put chrysanthemums on their graves. What is the celebration meant for? The celebration is for people's ancestors and saint's. Families visit their deceased families. They lay flowers named Chrysanthemums on the graves to show respect to their ancestors. Who celebrates it? People from different continents celebrate La
Toussaint in different ways. Some people bring
flowers to the graves of relatives. In different parts of Europe its customary for people to light candles and visit the graves of deceased family members. Lastly in parts of Asia they clean the grave stones and then place flowers on top. Its a nationwide holiday for countri

On November 1st, people in France celebrate La
Toussaint in memory of every saint. However
they focus towards the dead
when it reaches the evening.
Families come to cemeteries to
clean and decorate graves of
family members. On November
2nd its is Saints' Day and its
dedicated to prayers of the dead who
are not yet glorified. Why do they only put chrysanthemums on their graves? Traditionally on All Saints' Day, All Souls Day and sometimes funerals they have chrysanthemum flowers on graves at the cemeteries. Sometimes they have wreaths on the grave as well. They are never used for gifts they are just laid on the graves. When and how long is the
festival? The festival lasts for two days, November 1st and November 2nd. November 1st is All Saints' Day and then November 2nd is All Souls Day. Its during autumn on school holidays, usually families go visit family members that live close them.

Note: Toussaint is feminine in French Why do people only
go to the graves on November 1st? People only go to their ancestors graves on November 1st because November 2nd is actually not a public holiday so most people that celebrate the festival go to work. Note: La Toussaint is also known as "All Hallows Tide", "All-Hallowmas", or "All Hallows Day" Is The Celebration Popular? What is the story behind this festival? There was a festival the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain and it was celebrated at the beginning of November. It was the start of the dark half of the year and was the time of the living to talk with the dead. This festival was changed by Pope Boniface IV so it was about God and all the saints. Today, La Toussaint is marked by the lighting of numerous candles in cemeteries and decorating graves with chrysanthemums. Family reunions are often held to honor the deceased. How does the celebration make people feel? It lets families spend a day together in a respectful atmosphere, letting out any excess sorrow or depression. It generally excludes common family fights. The celebration is a great opportunity to strengthen family links, even though a regrets and sorrow can be a source of tension. It is very popular in France and Europe. People like to celebrate it all around the world, such as: Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Croatia, Parts of Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Parts of Switzerland. It is not a nationwide public holiday in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States. However, many Christians observe
All Saints’ Day in these and other
countries. All saints day La Toussaint Does La Toussaint resemble any other holidays? Actually it does resemble a chinese festival called the Qingming Festival, also known as ancestors day. It is a widely known festival in Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but in 2008 it was made a nation wide public holiday in China. Note: Qingming is also wirtten as: Qing Ming, Ching Ming and Ch'ing Ming Chieh. Chrysanthemums in french is chrysanthèmes Thank You For Listening By Christina Leung & Julia Murray We Hope You Enjoyed Our prezi! Cemetery in french is ancêtre Cemetery in french is cimetière Celebration in french is
fête is french for festival QUIZ! WHICH DAYS ARE
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