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The 8 Stages of the Bosnian Genocide

Describing the 8 stages of genocide in Bosnia.

Anum Qazi

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of The 8 Stages of the Bosnian Genocide

By: Keerthana M. & Anum Q. . Symbolization Dehumanization . Polarization Classification Organization Identification Extermination Denial . In 1992, the republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina merged with Yugoslavia. . Afterwards, Bosnian Serbs distinguished themselves as superior to all non Serbs. . They belived that Bosnia was a Greater Serbia reserved only for them. The non Serbs in Bosnia were the Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) and the Croatians. . Non Serbs were called " Aliens" or "Others", to make it seem like they didn't belong in Bosnia. . The government controlled Media would give
hate speeches about non Serbs. . The media also depicted non Serbs as rude, mean, selfish,and evil. . The government began ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, in order to have a pure Serb region. Concentration camps were built. . Trained armies begin to attack non Serbs. . The Serbians saw Bosnia as their rightful homeland. Social interaction between Serbs and non Serbs was soon restricted. . New laws were made forbidding Serbians from intermarrying with non Serbians. The 8 Stages of Genocide in Bosnia Non Serbian men are moved to concentration camps. . . In the Srebrenica concentration camps in July of 1995, thousands of non Serbian men and boys are killed. . Some bodies were burned to get rid of evidence of the killings. . The perpetrators sometimes would blame it on the victims and discourage witnesses from telling the truth. . Also many mass graves were moved ,so that it was hard to convict the perpetrators. . GAME TIME!!!! I should have paid attention Why was the term ethnic cleansing used in the place of genocide? Question 1 Answer 1 This was the Serbian term accepted by the USA and other members of the UN Security Council to avoid any reference to 'genocide', which would by international law demand their intervention. Question 2 How did the perpetrators get rid of any evidence that linked them to the genocide? Answer 2 They burned bodies, moved mass grave sites, and stopped people from telling the truth. Question 3 Who is Slobodan Milosevic? Answer 3 He was the main perpetrator in the Bosnian Genocide. Question 4 Name one Upstander and what they did. Answer 4 Jole Musa - took about 30 refugees at night and his son sent them out to friends and relatives. Zorica Baltic – she managed to escape from Mostar from the help of the Croats and the Muslims. She, later on, helped others to escape.  Or Quetsion 5 True or False
Is Bosnia located near Italy? Answer 5 True!!! Question 6 Answer 6 Question 7 Answer 7 What was one way the Serbains dehumanized non Serbians? Non Serbs were called " Aliens" or "Others" OR Hate speeches about non Serbs OR Depicted non Serbs as rude, mean, selfish, and evil. Who were the non Serbs in Bosnia? The Bosniaks,
(Bosnian Muslims) and the Croations. Question 8 What did the Serbians believe about Bosnia? Answer 8 They believed that Bosnia was Greater Serbia reserved only for them. The End! Thanks for paying attention to our presentation. :)
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