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Pinocchio's Arm: Lie Detecting Test

No description

Damari Wharton

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Pinocchio's Arm: Lie Detecting Test

Science Fair Presentation
To create another method of lie detecting
To help others with finding out if someone is telling a lie
To provide an easy and cheap way to lie detect
We believe that if you ask a person to tell one lie and one truth, while applying pressure to the subject's extended arm, then you will be able to detect whether a person is lying or not.
Most humans begin to develop the ability of lying by the age of three
Universal social skill
Theory of Mind
polygraphs are the standardized lie-detection test
Theory of Mind
Ability to understand that others have beliefs, desires, and intentions
human subjects
lab notebook
chair (optional)
Analyze Results
Data Results
Pinocchio's Arm: Lie Detecting Test
by: Damari Wharton and Jordan Wilson
Have the volunteer write down or tell you
three things that he or she likes and then
what they dislikes
Have the volunteer extend his or her arm
straight out in front, palm facing down
trying to get a sense of the resistance
record the results according to the lie/truth and resistance
according to the data that we have recorded the results were different.
Some resulted in a change in resistance, and some resulted in no change
It is shown though that more subject resulted in a change during a lie than any other result
We believe this happens due to the fact of more functions are working in your brain to produce a false statement
In conclusion this lie detector test has been proven to be effective.
It may not be accurate at all times
not completely reliable
Thank You For Watching
Variables, Constants and Control
Manipulated Variable: Question
Responding Variable: Resistance
Constants: Pressure
Control Group: Truth/Lie
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