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A-B-C'S Of America

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Roberto Basha

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of A-B-C'S Of America

A-B-C'S Of The Revolutionary War
A=American Revaluation
When people wanted freedom from the British, and it started a war
A place where the patriots found and live.
E=Ethan Allan
D = Decoration of independence
A patriot for the american revaluation
G=George Rogers Clark
The antagonist's of the patriots
Conqueror of the Old Northwest
To be free

A document that said we wanted our freedom
K=Kòsciuszko, Tadeuz
H = Hancock, John
j= Thomas, Jefferson
Being free
this man was was a merchant, statesman, and prominent Patriot of the American Revolution.
A national Poland hero
O= Mary OTIS Warren
By: Bear, Max, Amir, and Jaden
M=Minute Men
L = Loyalist
loyalist are the people that did not resist king gorge and followed his orders
Were volunteered soldiers who were ready to get ready in a minute men.

Q= Battle of Quinton Bridge was a tiny battle on March 18, 1778
A woman who helped with politics.
N=Newton battle
The Battle of Newtown (August 29, 1779), also known as the Battle of Chemung, was the only major battle of the Sullivan Expedition, an armed offensive led by General John Sullivan that was ordered by the Continental Congress to end the threat of the Iroquois who had sided with the British in the American Revolutionary War. John Butler and Joseph Brant did not want to make a stand at Newtown, but proposed instead to harass the enemy on the march, but they were overruled by Sayenqueraghta and other Indian chiefs.
Unadllia and Onaquana raid.
The patriots fought the Iroquois for land.
A attack of troops, and armed forces.
Xavier Cathedral
t= Tobago Invasion
S= soldier
The Invasion of Tobago was a French expeploration in May 1781 against the British-held island of Tobago during the American War of Independence. The fleet of the Comte de Grasse on 24 May landed troops under the command of the Marquis de Bouillé, which gained control of the island on June 2 1781
the men who fought for our freedom.
The Burial place for Soldiers that died
Peter Zengar
He had the idea of freedom on press
W= Washington, George
The general and first president.
P= Paoli battle
It was a small battle fought in September 20-21, 1777
the patriots defeated the british.
Y= Yorktown
It's the last battle fought in the revolutionary war
U=United States of America
The contry that was when the colonist broke away from britian on july 4 1776
An american founding father who singed te declaration of independance
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