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The Salvation Army: Canada

No description

George Ackon

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The Salvation Army: Canada

William Booth is responsible for the establishment of The Salvation Army.
Was a dissident Methodist minister in London, England
Who founded the movement?
The Salvation Army: Canada
Who Founded the Movement
When and where was it founded
Why was it initiated
Christian Beliefs
How it works
What do they address
View of the Catechism
Responsibility of Christians
How to become more involved
What is our school doing about it
When and where was it founded
The Salvation Army was founded in Canada in 1882
The first worship services took place in Toronto in January and then 5 months later the same occurred in London, ON
Presented By: George Ackon, Brittany Savoie, Dustin Doromal, Jake Joseph
Why was it initiated
The Salvation Army was initiated because the leader William Booth’s had a philosophy that there is little attention to preaching salvation to hungry people. This concept then formed the concept of soup and salvation and later developed the program. This formed the Salvation Army.
Christian Beliefs
The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization. The Salvation Army believes to share the love of Jesus Christ, and to meet human needs in communities of the world. It has three core values salvation, holiness and intimacy with God
How it works
The Salvation Army is supposed to offer aid to anyone in need of love. The Salvation Army reads Scriptures and believes Christians should help those in need. The Salvation Army offers practical assistance for children and families by providing them with shelter and food. Salvation Army serves, shelters, and assisted with clothing every day. There are always looking for donation and help in this organization.
What do they address
The Salvation Army is extremely devoted to erasing any means of poverty, caring for people who are struggling within our society and helping out those experiencing an injustice in their lives. The Salvation Army is working towards addressing the dehumanization poverty creates and they look to inform the public’s understanding on what it means to live in poverty and what we can do to help.
Responsibility of Christians
The Salvation Army is a worldwide known evangelical Christian organization and it believes all people are created by God and in his image, so it is our Christian responsibility to value and treat others with dignity and respect. The Christian church aspire to live out the reality of God’s new order, and by this it is our duty to work in God's name to bring release to people in need.
View of the Catechism
One of the main principles of the Catechism of the Church is Social Justice. Social justice can only be obtained only in respecting the transcendent dignity of man and also the principle of solidarity to other by distribution of goods and social charity. The Salvation Army is supporting the same principle of the Catechism of the Church be helping those in need and reinforcing our Christian responsibilities towards those in poverty.
How to become more involved
An individual can become involved with the Salvation Army by volunteering or donating either online or by mail or by phone. When someone volunteers at the Salvation Army, they help assist in packing food, helping seniors and participating in emergency disaster relief.
What is our school doing about it
This movement is not emphasized in our school and many of the students are not aware of what the Salvation Army does. One way the school can educate the students on the Salvation Army is by handing out pamphlets which show general information about the organization and how the students can get involved. Many people still need community service hours and the Salvation Army can benefit from this.
Additional Info
314 community churches
4,380 children went to Salvation Army camps
18 Daycare centers provide a total of 1008 available spaces
836 active Salvation Army Officers
9,123 employees
1.1 million volunteer hours provided

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