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how pictures can affect your emotions

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jordan geller

on 1 January 2016

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Transcript of how pictures can affect your emotions

They affect your emotions in two different ways.
Now it's you turn!
Cites Sourced:
how pictures can affect your emotions
Color Based
All of the colors mean different things and can make you feel different emotions. The main color in the picture will most likely determine what emotion you feel while looking at the photo.
Red is a color of danger and alertness. Red also can be related to love and passion.
Orange is a color of joy and enthusiasm. It lets off a very bright and happy feeling.
Yellow is a color associated with cheerfulness and energy. It gives a very warm effect.
Green is a color of greed and rejuvenation.
Blue is a color of a tranquility and understanding.
Purple is a color of gloom and creativity.
White is a color of cleanliness and innocence.
Black is a color of mystery and elegance.
Memory Based
Looking at old photos or photos that relate to you can bring memories that can cause the emotion you felt when that moment first happened.
What do you feel when you see this?
Here's a list of what red can make you feel:
- energy
- war
- danger
- strength
- power
- love
- joy
- sensitivity
- willpower
- rage
- anger
- leadership
- courage
- wrath
Is what you felt on this list?
Does this picture bring up a memory of getting a birthday or holiday gift?
Studies show that the mood of people who viewed their old pictures improved 11%, which was more than the ones eating chocolate!
How does this one make you feel?
Here's a list of what blue can make you feel:
- stability
- trust
- loyalty
- wisdom
- confidence
- intelligence
- faith
- tranquility
- understanding
- knowledge
- power
- seriousness
Is yours on the list?
- prevention.org
- inspirationfeed.com
- color-wheel-pro.com
- thepositivepsychologypeople.com
- Google Images
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