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tenzin namdol

on 15 April 2011

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In the Elizabethan era rule was that no matter how much money you had, Elizabethans were not allowed to wear the clothes that they wanted to. It was called the 'Statutes of Apparel" and was enforced by the Queen herself in Greenwich on June 1574. The reason why this was a law was because she wanted everyone to maintain social structure. If you didn't follow the law, some of the consequences were fine, loss of property, and even life. Clothing of
Men and Women

Elizabethan clothing for women were mostly gowns, hats, corsets, collars, ruffs and shoes and for men it was doublets, breeches, collars, ruffs, hats and shoes.
The perfect Elizabethan woman would have light hair and a snow white complexion, red cheeks and red lips. And men that were in the upper class also wore fine silk hats with a single feather. Boys wore padded doublet , jackets that would follow the shape of the doublet, collars, and shoes that would match the outfit. And little girls would wear large gowns with light colour, collars, hats, and light shoes. Clothing of High Class Women The meaning of colours

The meaning of colors worn during the Elizabethan era was the same meaning as clothing, it gave information about who was wearing it. But what's different and unique is that men or women wearing purple clothes would immediately be recognised as a member of royalty. And gold, silver, crimson, scarlet, deep indigo blue, violet colors were only worn by the highest nobility in the land. The brightest and darkest colours were more expensive to produce so that is probably a reason why they were only worn by the highest nobility in the land. CLOTHING
OF THE ELIZABETHAN ERA Clothing of High Class Men Comparisons of clothing

The clothing of Elizabethan and the clothing that we have in the decade are very similar because what they were only aloud to wear were clothes that gave information to others about what kind of person you are and where you stand in the society and I think that very much relates to how we dress today. Interesting Facts about the clothing in the Elizabethan Era

The most fascinating thing was that the clothing of upper class fashion was influenced by mathematics and science because they used geometric shapes. The purpose behind this was to let others see of their small waist. But women weren't the only ones who imagined of having them, men also make different and unique type of clothing to let others view them as thin. BIBLIOGRAPHY

I have chosen to research the clothing of the elizabethan era. The reason why I chose this for my interest is because I kew that the style of clothing that the Elizabethans wore in their century would be so unique and it was something that I knew I would I want to explore.

1. Alchin, Linda. “Elizabethan Clothing”.16 May 2005. Wed. 23 Mar. 2011.

This website is reliable because there are a lot of different information about everything that impacted the style of clothing that the men and women wore in that time period.
This website also mentions what society had to do with influencing the clothing of the Elizabethans. This webiste discusses about the laws of the clothing in that century/time period. It includes information on the colours of the clothing
And it also gathers all the details regarding the social status of the elizabethans and how that affected the way they dressed

2. Lad, Kashmira. “Clothing in Elizabethan Era.” Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. .

This website is very reliable and useful because it gives more of an open view about both the men and women clothing styles. This website discusses the comparisons between the design of shapes of men and women. It also mentions why the Elizabethan clothing were notable

3.Cunnington, Phillis. “5/16th Century.” Costume. London: A. & C. Black, 1971. 18-23. Print.

This chapter contains number of picture and the chapter is very useful becuase it is very descriptive.

4. Rowland-Warne, L. “6,9/Rich,Flowing, and Heavy, and Bells and Boxes.” Costume. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 1992. 16+. Print.

These chapters are very useful because it includes a lot of details. It also mentions the measurements of the clothing. It also contains unique information on the elizabethian gowns
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