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Copy of Get Hired. Stay Hired.

The dos and don'ts of getting and keeping a teaching job.

R Fleenor

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Get Hired. Stay Hired.

Get hired. stay hired. An interview is not
a time to get personal
a time to take risks
a time to ramble
a time to be unprepared
a time to negotiate salary An interview is
a conversation
mutually beneficial
a time to communicate who and what you are
a time to be prepared 2 Develop your philosophy by
writing down (yes, write) all your beliefs about education
narrow these down to core beliefs
hone into 5 short statements (five words or less)
practice reciting these out loud in front of people or a mirror 3 4 Keep it clean
no alcohol
no inappropriate gestures
nothing provocative
no vulgarity website
organize credentials
upload teaching videos
interactive links
communicate your vision
share ideas
interact with professional community
warehouse data about yourself and career 12 11 10 9 Before you leave
ask them what the next step is
thank them
shake hands firmly and smile 8 R A T S At the beginning of the interview:
be early (10-15 minutes)
shake hands at beginning and end of interview
firm hand shake - "web-to-web" with "nice to meet you"
make eye contact with each person and SMILE (even if you feel like throwing up...:)
thank them for the opportunity You should:
wear a tie (guys)
wear skirt/dress pants/blouse/blazer (girls)
wear classic conservative colors
wear clothes that match and fit
be comfortable in them (try them on first and wear them prior to the interview) 6 5 What is an interview? What you wear is a reflection of what you VALUE
How you ACT is (at times) more important than what you SAY
(It takes up to 10 positive, subsequent meetings to overcome a negative first impression)
You are "selling" and image Other suggestions
prepare questions to ask them (omitting this is a common, sometimes costly mistake; it says, "I don't care about you.")
remember, you are interviewing them as well (chemistry carries you)
know WHY you want the job and why YOU would be a great fit AND be able to clearly state this First Impression. During the interview
be CONFIDENT (you are prepared)
be CONCISE (don't ramble), but...
avoid one word answers
don't be afraid of silence after you've answered the question a discipline challenge
a way you connected with a child
a problem with a parent
a challenging student
others? created a behavior plan
developed and implemented an intervention model
started a lunch-time program
formed a teacher group
think CREATIVELY, think with INGENUITY student performance increased by....
program designed has helped ....
instructional tool developed has helped make gains in .... I I love to wear flip-flops-
these aren't mine. Create a digital presence Resume tips
skills not tasks
action verbs
bullet points
pictures of you with students
brief is better
no misspellings! Practice Can Make Perfect Questions. analyzed data to develop a tool/strategy
met with parents and listened to concerns
collaborated with colleagues to develop an activity/unit/assessment
worked with community to solve the challenge Your philosophy should contain values that center around
all students reaching their potential
data-driven instruction
doing what is best for students
technology integration/digital presence
collaboration, playing team ball
college/life readiness 1 Know Thyself Know and be able to clearly articulate your beliefs about education...your
PHILOSOPHY.... research beyond the district's splash page
know the issues the district and/or school are facing
familarize yourself with school initiatives, progams, curriculums, benchmarks, etc.
work contacts or connections that you may have in or out of the school/district in question Prepare by
practicing answering questions out loud (at least 50% of the time)
practicing in front of someone (have them drill you)
practicing in front of a mirror (watch your facial expressions)
look for areas where you hesitate in your answers
practice, practice, practice Prior to the interview...Notes on Dress
be NEAT (clean, pressed, matching)
be COMFORTABLE (if you feel awkward, it will ge awkward)
be CONSERVATIVE (think church)
act PROFESSIONAL (you are one, aren't you?!) What not to wear:
tennis shoes
"dress" t shirts
short skirts
anything revealing or immodest
excessive rings/jewelry
cover up tattoos
excessive piercings (ears only girls, none for guys) The Interview 7 Responding with Relevancy STAR Method ituation
Use a specific situation or problem you encountered. ask
Explain the task you had to complete or the ideas used in order to solve the problem. ction
Tell the specific steps you took, things you did, obstacles you overcame to complete this. esults
Highlight outcomes, goals achieved, student improvement, etc. Closing The Interview After the Interview send a follow up thank you note within several days of each interview (recommend hand written)
call them every two weeks, but don't be a pest What to take with you copies of your resume
your portfolio (if you bring it, use it)
digital items copied onto a CD
ask to email any web links you have Action Verbs....
ELIMINATED Social Media's place in the job search? Current key issues
Common Core Curriculum Integration - College Readiness
21st Century Skills
collaborative environments
data-driven instruction
digital presence
learner-focused after practice during before Interview
Cycle practice practice Selling an image Reaffirming It is all about CHEMISTRY...do you "fit" here?
you made the interview...there is a basic assumption of aptitude and ability
employers are interested in HOW you would work with the team...how you would fit in
show your sense of HUMOR, FLEXIBILILY and PERSONALITY Know The School Situation
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